"Rare, cortosis-weave armored legwear that is the outfit of choice for ZolarKeth. Unfortunately, its power pack is disabled, and it will not protect you from damage."

─ Description from inventory

ZolarKeth Armor

ZolarKeth's armor as it appears on the ground.

ZolarKeth's Armor is an admin-based clothing named after ZolarKeth, the current scripter of the game. It is a darker variation of Gusmanak's Armor.


ZolarKeth's armor is the rarest clothing item in the game, and since v5.0.0 it is nearly impossible to find. It is obtained as a random drop from military zombies. For them to drop it, they must be wearing a helmet. This is the only legitimate way of earning it; like Gusmanak's Armor, it cannot be bought at the beginning of the game.

Association with hacking

Due to its extreme rarity, many players used third-party software to illegitimately obtain the item. Doing it to Zolarketh's armor, along with Gusmanak's armor, was very common before the software was blocked by ROBLOX. This has made wearing the armor synonymous with being a hacker.


  • This armor is rumored to grant extra health to ZolarKeth himself. However, this is deactivated for a normal player and does not affect your hero/bandit status. 
  • ZolarKeth's armor is a variation of Gusmanak's armor, with a black-blue color scheme instead of orange-lime. 
  • The dark color scheme of ZolarKeth's armor gives it a tactical advantage over Gusmanak's armor. 


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