The Woodland Camouflage Uniform is one of the 6 camouflage outfits in the game. This can be bought for a few credits


A player wears full woodland camouflage.


This camouflage package is green when not in use, as with all military clothing. It can be found at military spawn places. This camouflage is very rare. This camouflage is known by many as the best camouflage in the game, camouflaging the player well in woodland, and green areas, however shows up well in urban/Industrial areas such as Kin and the factory. It looks like classic camouflage. This camouflage, along with the Trinity Mercenary camo, and Spec Ops camo, is arguably the most useful camo in the game, as it blends in with the grass and hills of the map. If you want to go a step further, you could wear a brown or grime (olive green) vest, and a grime military pack.