Windy Peaks Campground is a civilian campground that replaced the Refugee Camp on the Kin Reborn map. It has large civilian tents (Military tents, but blue and spawn civilian loot instead of military loot) A high number of Small Civilian tents, a manager's office that spawns civilian weapons such as the Maverick 88 and the Auto-5 shotguns. A Nurse's office that spawns medical loot, and a pavilion that has a few tables that spawn food. It also has a high spawn rate for hatchets, wood, matches and some other items. You can find ammo for civilian handguns, and hunting weapons. Windy Peaks probably once was great for hunting because of all the weapons you can find. The Military probably never went to Windy Peaks because there is no blockades, military tents, or weapons. Windy Peaks also has a chance of spawning ATVs, Motorcycles, and bicycles. Windy peaks is near the military outpost cliff and you can spawn near Windy Peaks as well.

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