Wheels are used to repair cars, for without them the cars cannot move. Missing a single wheel makes the entire vehicle useless, so it's a good idea to shoot out the wheels of cars if someone is stealing one. Wheels spawn in almost every building in the game, so it's a good idea to check everywhere for them, especially in industrial spawns. If you keep on shooting a wheel, it will strangely disappear. This will make the car immobile. It takes aleast 2-6 tires to fix a car, depending on what car it is.

Don't carry wheels around unless you have seen a car and are trying to repair it as wheels take up important inventory spaces. This will render up to about 90% of your space (If you have a Military Pack with no items in it.) useless. 


  • Wheels take up 3 inventory spaces, and was later changed to 2 spaces when Universes was released.
  • At the start of apocalypse rising 5.0.0. Survivors tended to use Wheels as barricades in firefights.
  • During 5.0.2 of Apocalypse rising, there was a glitch where people would use an entrencher and put tire on their heads. That led them to be able to fly.


  • A glitch occurs if a player uses an entrencher on its head and will make the player fly.

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