Trinity Crates
Trinity Crate Update

The poster released by Gusmanak and ZolarKeth to describe the update

Skins are palettes for guns that change their color and material. They are obtained from skin crates, which spawn in military locations. Their are three tiers of crates, each having a different price.



Are a Assaul with clean-hand. dafuk i need to pay 100 rs to a color?

Skin Crates

Skin crates are items that randomly spawn in military locations that can give skins. They are found in three tiers - low-tier, medium-tier, and high-tier. They are distinguishable by their shape and color: low-tier crates look like blue suitcases, medium-tier crates look like green metal boxes, and high-tier crates are red armored canisters.

When you Interact with the crate, instead of being put into your Inventory, it will prompt you to purchase a key using Robux. The price of the key depends on the crate, and the crates are priced 50R, 100R, and 200R (respectively).