Vitality is a permanent buff that you can choose in the main menu in Apocalypse Rising. It gives a speed boost and regenerates your health when your health is under 30%. This perk isn't useful for experienced veterans of the game as they normally carry a few blood bags with them.

Recommended Uses

This perk is recommended for players who are fairly new and have problems locating a clinic/hospital. New players often pick this perk as they think it is useful. Most of the other perks are chosen over this one.


It basically shows a picture of a heart, with a red background. However, if you look very closely, in the bottom right corner is a tiny bandit mask. This is meant to indicate that because of the increased noise, you are vulnerable to foes.

In-Game Description

You are a healthy individual! Your health slowly regenerates over a long period of time.


  • It is rumored that it takes 10 minutes (at 1% health) to fully regenerate all of your health.
  • Vitality used to be called the "Adreneline Perk". It also had a different picture, but with the same background. It was than changed to Vitality