Vernal is a city in Reborn that is on the east side of the map. It's right next to the Military Airfield which is west of Vernal and is north of Mason and south of the Outpost. Vernal consists of a hospital which makes it easier to obtain blood bags, a police station that spawns military and civilian loot, a church, a general store, a school/office, and also a military tent in the center of the city surrounded by two barricades. Bandits and players tend to stop by here for a loot run.

Basing Here

Basing in Vernal isn't a very good idea as it's easy to suffer attacks from the hills surrounding Vernal and as it's right next to the Airfield as Airfield is a hotspot for players so any gunshots and too much noise will be heard nearby. It isn't exactly very easy to defend. The only advantage to basing here is landmarks being nearby so supply runs will be close.


A player looking over Vernal in third person.

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