Vernal is a medium-sized Capital City in Apocalypse Rising. It has a Police Station, a large Hospital, various houses, a School and a small military camp. It is significantly smaller than Kin, but slightly bigger than Hark.


It is on the east side of the map, close to Mason and The Prison. It's a good place to make a base, if you want a bandit status due to lots of players walk through here. Vernal is quite dangerous due to it being close to Prison and has a direct route from Kin. Vernal is also visited a lot due to it having a high loot spawn. Vernal is very dangerous as well because of the size, building places which make it easy to get ambushed by both players and zombies.

Vernal's Church

Vernal's church is a place where you can loot farm. Like every church this church only has one entrance making it very easy to fortify.Various amount of civilian loot spawns here, including survival packs.



A pre-planning map of Vernal.

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