Vehicles can be one of the most fun things in AR, when used correctly.

Finding a vehicle

This is probably the hardest part. If you are on a server that has been active for a long time, then all the vehicles are most likely being used or completely destroyed, and since repairing them is such a pain with 1 person, you should join a group or steal one. Thus, a better thing to do would be to join a newly created server, where the vehicles are complete and untaken, albiet devoid of fuel. But that is easy to fix.


When you find a vehicle, chances are it's lacking some part of it. There are 5-9 parts of every vehicle. the fuel tank, which alllows you to store fuel, the engine, which determines your speed, 2-6 wheels, and the hull, which protects all other components from damage until it is destroyed.. All, except the wheels, can be on green, yellow, or red state. Green means everything about that part is fine, yellow means that part is impaired and that you should fix it before it is broken, and red means it is broken and inoperable. The fuel tank looks like a rectangular prism with two cylinders sticking out the ends. If you find one, you can repair your vehicle's old one by taking interact and waving your mouse around the vehicle until it says "Fuel tank", then click.. Usually, it is at the back. The engine is a block with four cylinders, black on top, sticking out. The same goes as the fuel tank. Wave around until the engine prompt is shown, and click. This is usually at the front. Wheels are exactly what you'd tink they are. A grey circle with a black ring around it. To repair this, click with interact where the missing wheel on your vehicle is. Refueling requires a jerry can. Jerry cans  can be filled with fuel from gas tanks found in some villages, light blue cylinders on their sides supported by 2 grey blocks on eithier side. They are filled by clicking the tanks with interact. Once it's full, on your vehicle there should be a small grey circle somewhere. Click it with interact, and a prompt telling you it was refueled should appear.


Driving is the most fun part of it. Vehicles are controlled by wasd/arrows, whatever you have charactar controls set to. They can turn on the spot, like a tank suprisingly.They can go forward/reverse, but when reversing all vehicles go at 15 KPH, no matter terrain. To effectively use time and fuel, drive on roads as much as possible, as you go faster on them, as well as not kicking up dust clouds which can be seen by bandits. White pavement roads are best. You should be careful of rocks/barricades, as hitting these at high speeds cause your vehicle's hull damage. Caution: If you drive at full speed of 50 KPH or above and hit an object head on, you will explode, losing half your health.

Teams and vehicles

Vehicles can be amazingly effective when used with a team. Multiple-seat vehicles alllow for rapid transport of entire groups, thus being extremely useful to bandits. With vehicles such as the truck and pick-up truck, passengers can shoot out at zombies, players, or have a high-speed chase and shoot at other teams.

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