70 kph (On Road) 45 kph (Off Road)

Strength High



The Ural is a six wheeled vehicle in Apocalypse Rising. It is also commonly referred to as a Military Truck. Since the ability to transport up to eight players is great, they are pretty rare. The work required to get one in operational state is also a lot, because not only do they require six wheels instead of four, but also all the other components a regular car would need. Urals can spawn in both Military and Agricultural zones, such as the Refugee Camp, or the Mansion. Athough not designed to do so, loot may be carried if stored in the back. These cars will also come in great use if engaged in a gun-fight, as players can use it for cover.


  • The Firetruck is Faster by 10 kph (On Road) and by 20 kph (Off Road).
  • The Ural has a full page storage capacity.

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