Union Square is an important and special landmark on the Kin Reimagined map, and it is located in the lower part of Kin.


Union Square in the center of Kin, and is the most looted place in the map, making it very dangerous. It is a large grassy area with a road going around it. Union Square has military tents, medical tents,  many  zombies, and a large statue in it. It is popular because of the high spawning rate of powerful military weapons and rare ammo. Although Union Square spawns some of the best loot in the game, a player shouldn't try to get there unless they are well prepared to travel through Kin, and possibly face some players, too.

Statue of Kin

The Statue of Kin, is a Statue in the Middle of Union Square, which shows 2 people, one with a paint brush, (Gusmanak, possibly.) and the other with a remote control, controlling a helicopter, (Toy) with it, (ZolarKeth, Possibly). It does not spawn any loot, but it is an interesting structure nevertheless. The statue of Kin also lights up at night if the power is on making it the brightest thing in Union Square at night sometimes.


Server hopping in Union Square is popular since you find many high grade loot in quick succession, however might prove fatal as other players (and bandits) might be roaming the streets. This method will help keep your guard up and get good loot.

  1. Get in one of the buildings around the square. Don't choose the Town Hall as it's another hotspot, just choose one of the 4-story apartments, and preferably don't place yourself in the first floor. Then leave the game. The building will now be set as your spawn point.
  2. Join another server, but before spawning right in, check the intro screen for details. Are there no military zombies? (if there isn't, it's likely another player has already cleared them) Is there a player corpse on the ground? (Only 2 causes: overwhelmed by zombies or bandits) Are there actual players looting the square? (Try to get a look at their gear) All this must be taken in to assure you're spawning in safely.
  3. Once spawning in, look out a window for a clearer view. If there's many military zombies, you can proceed, the square hasn't been stormed yet, and is safe for you. If there are signs of players (corpses, no loot, no zombies, etc.) proceed with caution. If there's another player, take his loot and what gun he carries into account. If you believe you can, kill him, but be alert for other players.