The USP .45 is a military handgun in Apocalypse Rising. It fires .45 ACP bullets from 12 round magazines. It has a dark navy blue shell with a black rubber grip.

USP 45


This pistol can be found in military areas such as the Refugee Camp, Union Square, and Fire Stations along with its ammunition.


It can use the .45 ACP Suppressor, the Flashlight, and the Laser Sight. 


The USP .45 is certainly the most powerful pistol in terms of damage per shot. However, it lacks fully automatic fire, and has a much smaller magazine than the G18 or CBJ-MS. It is also much louder than the other pistols. It is fantastic for PvP, however, due to the more powerful ammunition type. It kills in 5-6 shots. 


  • The USP .45 and the pistols that share its ammo type could be see as the military versions of the M1911, which is of a similar design and shares the same caliber round. 
  • When silenced weapons were introduced, you could find a suppressed USP .45. (it was called the USP45 SD) However, when interchangable attachments were first added, you could no longer obtain a silenced USP, as their was no .45 ACP silencer at the time. 
  • When the gun was first added, it woulld always come with a flashlight, however the flashlight could not be used. The flashlight was removed after the Flashlight attachment was added.

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