The Trinity Mercenary (Red) and (Blue) uniform(s) are clothing in Apocalypse Rising. They can be purchased in the newspawn screen for 3 credits.


The Trinity Mercenary Camo is a dark black color and is darker than that of the Spec Ops Uniform. It comes in two colors, has the trinity logo on it. It is often used for night-time camo, to keep players from seeing one the player wearing the camo. It may have been worn by the higher ranked officials of Trinity HQ, or as the name suggests, contractors either hired by, or working for Trinity Corp, most likely for protecting the HQ, and their most important secrets (like the one that made this uniform into night camo!). This is among the most useful camos in the game, like the Jungle Camo. It is, along with the Spec Ops Uniform, the best clothing for blending in to the night.