Trinity Headquarters is one of the best places for loot in Apocalypse Rising. Trinity is known for starting the apocalypse. Many people believe Trinity HQ purposely started the apocalypse, but the journal pages have proof that it was a complete accident. Trinity is a very wealthy company assuming the supplies they have. Trinity HQ has 2 major buildings, what is probably the office building and what is probably the labratory. The building that is assumed to be the lab is a large building with ballistic glass and test chambers. The office has a radio tower on top.

Trinity Crates

Trinity crates are crates that can be found in military areas. Trinity crates have weapons skins in them. It costs $R50 to open a low tier, $R100 to open mid tier, and $R150 to open a high tier. You can not carry them like normal items. 


  • Trinity HQ can spawn any military or civilian item in the game.
  • Trinity HQ is the most common place to find the Mk 17 Battle Rifle, one of the best weapons in the game (Outside of helicopter crashes).
  • Trinity HQ is the most common place for Patient Zero sightings.
  • Trinity HQ is one of the few places you can find the Trinity SUV vehicle.
  • Trinity can spawn Urals, humvees, and jeeps as well.
  • Trinity HQ has a helicopter pad, so it is assumed they tested all over the country.
  • Trinity HQ is the only place to find the Trinity Mercenary uniforms, Trinity Guard uniforms, and the Trinity Beret.


Trinity HQ has an Office Building, a labratory, 2 warehouses, 3 workshops, a helicopter pad, a guard post and an unaccessible garage.

The transmission

Personal Radio page

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