Trinity Crates are a feature added in the new update to Apocalypse Rising. They spawn in any military location and come in three kinds: low-tier crates known as "Trinity Blue Supply Briefcase", mid-tier crates known as "Trinity Green Supply Box", and high-tier crates known as "Trinity Red Supply Case". If you find one, you can click on it with the interact tool and pay Robux to receive one randomly generated "Weapon Skin". The low-tier crates spawns a high chance of "Bright" brick colors and "smooth plastic" material, any other colors or material. Mid-tier crates spawns a high chance of "Really" bright brick colors and mid teir materials, average chance of spawning better colors and materials. High-tier crates has a high chance of spawning high teir colors, such as "really black", gold, and diamond. High chance of spawning materials such as "foil" and "granite". Average chance of med teir colors and materials. The crates are small, with the smallest being the low tier crate, and the largest the high tier crate. The low-tier crate's key costs 50 Robux, the mid-tier crate's 100 Robux, and the high-tier crate's 200 Robux. Upon opening a crate, you will receive a Weapon Skin that you can keep forever. Also every time you purchase a Trinity crate, you will be awarded a new weapon skin combination. You will never receive a duplicate skin.