Trinity Corporation (often abbreviated as Trinity or Trinity Corp.) is the company that designed and developed The Virus. Trinity Corp. is also responsible for the escape of Patient Zero.


Trinity owns many branded objects, and is considerably rich, as they have multiple cargo crates and warehouses across the map.  The warehouses spawn civilian weapons, building supplies, entrenchers, food/drinks and vehicle parts. 

It is unknown how they distributed, released, or made The Virus, as there are no evidence that can be found anywhere in the game related to them. Although, it is speculated that they used numerous testing grounds such as The Bunker or inside The Forest to test or experiment on The Infection. In the Kin Reimagined map, Trinity HQ is located is the south-west corner of the map. Trinity Corp. has some of the more notable buildings in every map that has appeared so far(The Ship/Cargo Hold, Trinity HQ, The Bunker (thought to be owned by them), etc.).


  • There are many real life companies with the name Trinity Corporation, though they are completely different from Trinity Corp. and are not the companies that is based off from the game. The logo is also made up.
  • It might well be a parody of Umbrella Corporation from the Resident Evil universe. Umbrella Corp. is a pharmaceutical company that distributes medical drugs, and secretly developed the "T-Virus". Though, this should not be confirmed as nobody actually knows how Trinity spread their own virus but appearing as a normal, helpful company to the public makes it quite suspicious.
  • On the third floor of Trinity Corporations, there is a typo on the walls saying, "I treid to stop them." Tried is spelled incorrectly.
  • It is unknown what Trinity Corp.'s actual purpose was before the apocalypse.
  • It is possible that the military was affiliated with Trinity Corp. as you will find Trinity Crates in the military outpost. This is a very interesting find and the idea of why they are there could be expanded.
  • The name of the corporation may also be a reference to the "Manhattan Project", a secret operation during WWII to create a nuclear bomb sucessfully. The first test to acheive actual full detonation and optimal results was a bomb codenamed "Trinity". In what would be known as the "Trinity Test", the bomb was detonated at the White Sands Proving Ground and results were successful. The Trinity Bomb, in a slightly modified form, eventually was used to bomb Japan and led to their surrender.