The Tractor is one of the many vehicles driveable in Apocalypse Rising. It is a farm vehicle, fitted with a plow before the apocalypse.


The Tractor is a single-seater vehicle, like the pedal bicycle. It has a top speed of around 50km/h, or around 30mph. It is not an ideal vehicle for a group, because of its bad glass and its single seat. Glass surrounds the driver's cabin, though ballistic glass would help. But you should find a better car before using ballistic glass on your tractor.


  • The Bicycle is almost as fast as the tractor, albeit 10kph slower.
  • With turbo (Press E), the tractor can reach 55km/h (around 33mph).
  • It is the only vehicle in the game with different-sized tires (you'd think you'd need a special big wheel to fit, but any regular wheel can be fit onto the tractor)
  • For long-term use, a replacement fuel tank is recommended.
  • It is the most common MOTOR vehicle.