Town Hall

The Town Hall

Kin's Town Hall is the massive tower which stands in the middle of Kin, directly next to Union Square. It has a blood message inside, reading, "Listen Young Children." The building is brown and is one of the tallest structures in the game.

Not much loot spawns here, only civilian and industrial loot (mostly industrial) spawn, though it is next to a place with high amounts of military-grade loot (Union Square.) It has 3 levels, and a ladder to the top of it. Perfect place if you want to snipe. It is also one of the many buildings that can be blown up with C4.


  • It is possible that the writing in Town Hall, 'Listen Young Children', is a reference to the three cities (Hark, Vernal, and Kin.) names. By searching up on a dictionary, you can find out that 'Hark' means, 'to listen attentively', while Vernal is 'youthful, young, new.'. Combining this with Kin, which is a word used to describe one's family, you would get the exact phrase.