The Tunnel is a landmark on the Kin Reborn map. It is, essentially what its name implies, a tunnel which connects Olke and Pitts Park and has rooms within the left side of the walls (right if coming from Pitts Park.)

The rooms are much like Kin Bunker and can spawn military-grade loot (Not every time). Not many players visit the rooms at a given time, so it is great for camping out at. It is not a good idea to make a base there, due to it having 3 doors and being hard to defend. Warning: Like the Kin Bunker, you can get lost in it, but it is a good idea to drop chemlights or anyitem to mark the way out, you an stay here and make traps for bandits or newbies, because the rooms are rarely percevied at the night.

If you are being chased by vehicles or players it's great to hide in these rooms as the doors blend in with the walls very well and sometimes players are dumbfounded they completely pass the rooms without knowing you're in there.

Uses Before the Infection

The tunnel was most likely for civilian use,being used to travel from one side of the hill to the other.The various rooms are presumed service rooms, likely places to store cleaning and maintenance equipment. The military loot here suggests that the military came here for defense against the zombies,but failed miserably.

Items that have spawned here:

  1. Ammunition (military, and civilian).
  2. Food (rare and common. A lot of MRE's can be found here).
  3. (Not Confirmed) Military and civilian guns.
  4. (Not Confirmed) Atachments.
  5. Car parts (Only Motor parts confirmed)