You are The Player. You are one of the many players that are trying to survive in the apocalypse by using anything that you can find like guns or melee weapons, food and drinks.


You are a survivor of the apocalypse, along with many other players in-game. You can customize your looks from the character creation menu. Finding food, drinks and weapons are crucial for your own survival, as without those items, you will be guaranteed to experience death. After dying, you will lose your items and restart with a can of beans, Pepsi, two Makarov magazines, a Makarov pistol and an Old Flashlight. Bandits are one of the only two enemies that are (frequently) encountered in-game, the other being zombies.

Types of Players

There are at least three types of players, as they try to survive in mainly three ways: As a BanditHero and Neutral.

Bandits are the most common type of the player in the game.They are in range from coastal kill on sight to the elite bandits.They can be very dangerous if not eliminated.Some bandits shoot on sight while some rob you for your stuff.Bandits tend to wear military clothes and badass masks like phantom mask or military helmets, sometimes combination of the both.Bandits camp in high population areas like Kin or refugee camp. Elite bandits tend to team up in groups ranging from 2 to elite squads of 7 or so. Heroes are the epic people who help you out on your way to survival.They tend to not shoot on sight or do any harm unless provoked or shoot at.They often group in teams raging from 2 to elite hero clans.Also heroes sometimes set up gun stores in which they give out the guns for free.They like meeting people and helping them out.The help could be ranging from giving food to players or giving weapons to player.Heroes often wear friendly colors like blue and brown combinations, they also wear friendly looking hats.

Neutrals or Loners are players that often do not place their trust in others and would try to survive alone, even for a short moment. These kind of players are usually smart and would usually avoid contact with other players. Thus, they are different than bandits who kill other players yet still avoid contact.

Bounty Hunters are somewhat of a combination of all three categories. They seek out players on the kill list and eliminate them, regardless if the bounty head is hero, loner or bandit. They may have a sense of pride like a hero or may not care if someone gets hurt while getting their bounty, essentially being a target bandit. Some of the hero type bounty hunters may help out a player however it is advised to avoid them as most won't care if you get in their line of fire.

The Inventory

The inventory is a place where you store items you find on your travels.

There are utility slots, which you use for items such as a Map or Omni Light.

There are main slots, which you use for different items, such as an MRE or a Pepsi.

You can acquire backpacks to get more inventory space.

The Side-arm and Primary slots are Primary Weapons, such as a SCAR-L or an CBJ-MS.


  • Players are immune to The Virus as is stated in the in-game tutorial.
  • Gusmanak himself is actually seen to be a bandit with high-powered gear and weapons