Tec 9

The TEC-9 handgun is a machine pistol in Apocalypse Rising. It fires 9x19mm round magazines. It shares this 9mm magazine with the Uzi Submachine gun and CBJ-MS. It has an all black plastic/metal shell with coolant holes in the barrel, front and rear iron sights and the magazine directly in front of the trigger. This gun can be found in military spawns all across the map. Its ammo can be found almost anywhere, but don't be tricked by the slightly longer but otherwise similar M3 mags.The only attachment to fit on the weapon is a 9mm suppressor (which most handguns in the game use). Apart from its built in iron sights, there is no optical sight attachment, and due to its design, there are no underbarrel attachments either. The TEC-9 can be a useful weapon at close range, but it is highly inaccurate at times, and burns through its ammo so fast that in automatic mode it is difficult to keep multiple rounds from being fired with one mouse click. This could be considered a plus at times, but is mainly a negative. It is recommended to use it at close range and keep it on semi-auto for zombie killing. Also, its 20 to 32 round capacity makes the TEC-9 a good zombie killing pistol.



  • In real life, the TEC-9 is semiautomatic civilian weapon, but most firearms can be converted to fully-automatic by modifications and updated designs, especially if the military eventually adapted it.
  • This gun is banned in the U.S. and other variants of this type because of its use in various shootings (Notably the 101 California Street shootings and the Columbine High School Massacre) and the fact that it's a fully automatic handgun.
  • The TEC-9 was discontinued in 2001.
  • It has the fourth fastest R.O.F (rate of fire) of any weapon in the game at 750 rounds per minute, which is shared with G36K and M249. The guns that fire faster are the MP5 at 800 RPM, Patriot, HK21, M93R and G18 at 900 RPM, and the PPSh at 1000 RPM. It can theoretically empty a regular magazine in 1.6 seconds.