Survival Pack
The best civilian pack!
Some attributes
First Unlocks 6 Spaces
Second Civilian Loot
Third Rarity: Uncommon
Other attributes
 The Survival Pack is a pack in Apocalypse Rising.


The Survival Pack is the best civilian pack in the game. Most semi-advanced players and beginner bandits will generally have this pack.  It is only surpassed by the Military Pack, which utilizes all of the Backpack slots. The Survival Pack unlocks 6 more slots, and is better than the Fanny Pack and Hiking Pack.


  • A Survival Pack will never spawn in a military area. If you find one at a Helicopter Crash, or Military Tent, someone found a Military Pack and dropped their Survival Pack.
  • Survival packs come in four colors. Gray, Brown, Sand and Deep Green.

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