First of all...

There was a problem on the old wiki with people constantly reposting a Guide page. I can't say that you'll get banned, but you probably will.

Anyone can add to this page, but add your name.

Skullex's Guide

Starting Out

I would suggest finding a group as soon as possible, but there are some other important things to know. The most important is knowing which weapons you should take. The wiki gives information on most of the weapons in this game, but some weapons' quality is based on preference. For example: If you mostly use ADS, than you would probably use an AN-94 rather than an AK-104, which would be used by someone who mostly hipfires.

There are some guns that are simply better than others.

Maverick < Auto-5 < M870 < M1014

I suggest that you check a wiki page before trading out a gun, but be wary of Bandits. Wow, that's a convenient segue.


Bandits are a natural part of Apoc. Without bandits, we wouldn't be able to lose all of our stuff! =D

But, seriously speaking, Bandits should either be stealthily avoided, or straight up killed. If you are outnumbered or severely outgunned, I would go with the former.

To be Continued when I get home ~Shadowskullex

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