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A Suppressor (or Silencer) is a gun attachment that reduces gunshot noise and muzzle flash. The shots fired from suppressors attract zombies from a small radius than usual, and other players can barely hear them. All silencers have the same appearance when found as loot, but the caliber can only be seen when the item is picked up.



  • Gus has shown with the stats on Apocalypse Games that Suppressors also reduce damage given. However, the bar change is artificial and the actual damage is unchanged.
  • In real life, suppressors do not completely silence a gun. They are made to protect people's ears when firing guns by suppressing some of the sound.
  • Sometimes suppressors don't fit on weapons, even though they use the correct caliber. For example the 7.62mm suppressor does not fit on the Mk-48 even though the Mk-48 is a 7.62mm gun. This also happens to the M3 and Revolver, although the latter is due to real-life restrictions.

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