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Heavy Machine Guns


American heavy machine gun, in service since 1933. Fires the 12.7x99mm cartridge (.50 Cal). Mounted on certain spots of the map, or found on vehicles like the Jeep. It holds a 100 and a 250 round magazine capacity. It has great accuracy, a good ROF (700), and has controllable recoil. Rarity depends on how many bullets are in the magazines. First weapon to have a random amount of bullets in the magazines. Uncommon-Rare.

Designated Marksman Rifles / Sniper Rifles


Japanese bolt-action rifle made by Arisaka Nariakira. The T99 fires the 7.7x58mm Arisaka cartridge, comparable to a 7.62x51mm rifle. It is powerful in medium-long range combat, but the only disadvantage is the small magazine of 5 rounds and the bolt-action. Other than that, the gun is highly effective. It allows usage of a sniper scope and a bayonet. Don't banzai charge with these, unless you can catch them off guard. Common.


American bullpup designated marksman rifle, reserved for sharpshooting. It fires the 7.62x51mm NATO cartridge, used mostly on battle rifles and other weapons. It feeds from 20 and 30 M14 magazines, but won't fit a 50 round drum magazine. It is lethal at long range combat, and due of it's size, effective in close quarters despite being semi-automatic only. It accepts all attachments. Rare.


A designated marksman's rifle of Soviet origin, this fires the 7.62x54mmR cartridge. Uses 5 & 10 magazines. By default it has a PSO-1 scope, but can accept other scopes. It has high accuracy, low recoil, but this is definitely not your choice in close quarters due of it's semi-auto nature. The gun has a synthetic black coloring on the hand-guard & stock. Rare. Accepts scopes & 7.62 silencer. Effective at medium - long range.


Chinese DMR, chambered for the 5.8x42mm DBP87-10. Despite it saying "88", it was recently phased into service with the People's Liberation Army. It is equipped with a PRISMA 3.4x rifle scope, but can be removed for something else. It is effective in long range combat. It has a 10 or a 15 round magazine capacity. It shares statistics with the HK-417. Rare.


German bullpup semi-automatic sniper rifle. It fires the 7.62x51mm NATO cartridge. Only about 168 models are known to exist, making them highly valuable and sought after. Default scope is a 8x, but can be upgraded. Integrated bipod, and a 10 round magazine. Highly effective in medium-very long range. Very rare.


Georgian bullpup anti-material rifle. It fires the powerful 14.5x114mm cartridge, left when Georgia was a Soviet state. It is very powerful against vehicles in medium-long range, but it's small capacity of 5 rounds, combined with rarity and it's bolt-action nature make this a must-not in close quarters. By default, a American 8x sniper scope is available for use, but it can be removed to it's iron sights, a red dot, holographic, 3.4x, 4x, 6x, and 7x scopes. Very rare.


American bolt-action high-precision sniper rifle, used by US SOCOM forces. It fires the .300 Winchester Magnum (7.62x67mm) cartridge, powerful at long range combat, like the 7.62x51mm. Speaking of that, it accepts optics, like the PKS-07, under barrels like laser sights, and of course, the 7.62 silencer. Rare. Shares stats with the SMLE Lee-Enfield, but powerful though.

CARCANO M1891/38 "Fucile di Fanteria"

Italian bolt-action service rifle used by the Royal Italian Army during both World Wars. Firing the 6.5x52mm rifle round from a 6rd en-bloc clip, it has a faster cycling rate for it's bolt but less damage than most of the bolt-action rifles.


American bolt-action service rifle used in WWI and WWII. It fires the .30-06 Springfield cartridge, still on production today. Slightly more powerful than a ordinary 7.62x51mm gun, but useless in close quarters due of the bolt cycle rate. It is effective in medium-long range combat against foes if you are sniping with a scope on. Accepts scopes and bayonets. Common.


French bolt-action rifle. It fires the 7.62x51mm NATO cartridge, widely used on sniper rifles. It uses 5 or 10 round magazines. By default it is equipped with a 8x Sniper scope, but can be removed for a lower or higher magnification. Very effective up to 800 studs. A bipod is attached by default, but since there is MIL-STD-M1913 rails there, you can remove it for a laser sight, etc. It accept optics, under barrels, and silencers. Rare.

TsNIITochMash OTs-03 SVU-AS

Bullpup version of the SVD Dragunov. It is equipped with the PSO-1 4x scope, but can be removed. It is effective in long range combat, obviously being defeated in close quarters. It fires the 7.62x54mmR cartridge. It accepts optics and the 7.62 silencer. Uses a 5 or 10 round magazine. Very rare. Share stats with the SVD.


Russian semi-automatic rifle. Unlike the AK-47, it fires the 5.56x45mm (.223 Remington) cartridge. It uses the same magazine as the M4A1, SCAR-L and the G36K. It cannot use the extended and C-MAG variant of the STANAG magazines. It is not powerful as 7.62mm guns, but it is accurate. The PK-A is available by default. Very rare.

TULA ARMS Mosin Nagant M91/30

A shorter, more capable version of the longer Mosin-Nagant M-91 version, regarded as a bolt action carbine. Obviously, this fires the 7.62x54mmR cartridge, a handy cartridge for picking down zombies. Very effective in long range combat, only weakness is in short range and it's reloading time and the bplt cycle rate. By default it has a PO 3.4x scope. Uncommon.

Light / Medium Machine Guns


American general-purpose machine gun. Fires 7.62x51 NATO cartridges which are belt fed from a M13 link with a 200 magazine capacity at 650 rounds per minute. Has been in service since 1957. Prone to overheating, bullet spread and a long reload. A scope and/or a bipod can be attached though the latter will render one immobile.


American general-purpose machine gun. Uses a 100 round magazine from a belt. It has the same damage as the Mk-48 but fires at a slower rate of 570 rpm. It uses the same ammo as Mk-48. It is still in service, but it is being phased out by the M240/it's variants. It is in today's form as the updated M60E4. Allows usage of a scope, underbarrel, or a silencer.

ST KINECTICS Ultimax-100 MK5

A Singaporean light machine gun, firing the widely known 5.56x45mm NATO cartridge. Uses STANAG magazines, as well as a 100 round drum magazine. It is effective in medium range combat. It accepts all attachments. A bipod is attached by default, in the case that you want to give suppressing fire to your target. Very rare. The fire rate is faster than the RPK.


Belgian version of the MK.48, albeit with a different stock & slower fire rate, but more common. It fires the 7.62x51mm cartridge. The rate of fire is slightly slower than the MK.48, but due of that, the recoil is more manageable. It accepts all attachments and shares with the MK.48 in ammo. It is still used with armies since it's introduction in 1958/1977. Rare.


British light machine gun variant of the L85A2, using the 5.56x45mm cartridge. It is a bullpup squad automatic weapon, having a higher fire rate than the MK.48. Shares statistics with both the MK48 & M249. It is equipped with a bipod by default, but otherwise accept under barrels. Very effective at medium range combat. Since it uses STANAG magazines, it holds 30, 50, or 100 round magazines. A aft grip is available, just right behind the magazine well, but only for cosmetic reasons. Rare.

TsNIITochMash PKP Pecheneg

Russian modernized version of the PK & PKM machine guns. Both were made by the famous Mikhail Kalashnikov, who also made the AK-47. It feeds from a 100 and a 150 round belt magazine. And it accepts attachments, like optics, under barrels, and barrels. It fires the 7.62x54mmR cartridge, like their parent cases. And yes, it has a bipod by default. Rare.


Chinese squad automatic weapon, using the 5.8x42mm DBP-10 cartridge. It is fed through a huge 100 or 200 round belt magazine. It accepts sights, under barrels, and a 5.8 silencer. It has a fire rate of 800. It is equipped with a bipod by default. Very rare. It is effective at short-medium range combat. Used in the People's Liberation Army.


German light machine gun used by the elite Fallschrimjaeger. It fires the 7.92x57mm cartridge, used on the MG-42 and MG-34. It fires from a 20 round magazine. What is unique is the magazine is on the left hand side, unlike being usually on the under. It is effective in medium range, but with a ZF-4 optic, it can even be a sniper rifle if used properly. Bipod is included. Very rare.

TULA ARMS Degtyaryov (DP-28)

A Soviet GPMG, notable for it's pan magazine, holding 47 rounds. It fires the 7.62x54mmR cartridge. It is effective at medium range. As it is a civilian spawn, it cannot accept attachments. But however, a integrated Bipod is on the machine gun by default. It has a slow ROF of 600, but it has low recoil due of that. Uncommon. Shares statistics with the RPK.

Assault rifles / Battle Rifles


American assault rifle, using the Russian 7.62x39mm WP M-43 cartridge. Only 7 rifles are known to exist, with one in a KAC museum, the rest to the US SOCOM forces. Regarding of that, it uses Kalashnikov magazines, which are 30, 40, and 75. Also, it accepts optics, under barrels and barrels. It has a ROF of 800, so ammo will be depleted very fast if you are not wise about it. Rare.

TsKIB SOO OTs-14 Groza-4A

Russian silenced version of the OTs-14 Groza-1A, or the 7.62x39mm variant, at least. It fires the 9x39mm WP cartridge, used on the AS-VAL and the VSS Vintorez. Unlike it's 7.62 variant, it does not have the integrated forward grip for controlling recoil, in place it has a integrated silencer, but you can add under barrels under it's silencer. Speaking of all of this, it has a ROF of 750, accepts optics, and much more rare than it's 7.62 variant.


Chinese bullpup rifle, having burst, full, and semi-automatic modes. It fires the 5.8x42mm DBP-87 cartridge. Using 30 round magazines by default, with 45 as extended and 75 as drum magazines, it is fit for variety of purposes, like from a assault rifle, a carbine, a light support weapon, or even a designated marksman's rifle. It accepts optics, barrels, and under barrels. Rare. In use by the People's Liberation Army.


Singaporean bullpup assault rifle, highly effective in medium combat. It fires the venerable 5.56x45mm cartridge, famously used for the M16 and it's variants. It fires 30, 50, and 100 round magazines. It has MLI-STD-1913 rails on it by default. Of course, it accepts underbarrels, optics, and the 5.56x45mm silencer. Rare. Shares stats with the QBZ-95-1. In use with the army of Singapore.

SIG SG 510

Swiss battle rifle, using the 7.62x51mm cartridge. It fires at the same pace as other battle rifles. It shares statistics with both the FN FAL and the MK.17. It is a selective fire rifle. It accepts all attachments and shares with other battle rifle ammo. Rare. It has been phased out by the SIG 550, firing the 5.56x45mm NATO in the 1990s.

KMZ A-545 (AEK-971)

Russian selective-fire assault rifle. It is meant to replace the AK-74 in the 1980s originally as the AEK-971, which unfortunately lost to the AN-94, but the 94 was very expensive. Currently it is in army trials with the AK-12 as the A-545. So here it is. It fires the 5.45x39mm cartridge from a 30, 45, or 75 round magazines, compactible with other 5.45 rifles. It is highly effective in medium-long range. Rare. Accepts all attachments.


Turkish modular assault rifle, to meet the demands of it's army to replace it's aging G3 battle rifles. It fires the 5.56x45mm for medium range combat, or the 7.62x51mm for long range combat. It has a carrying handle that does not hold the sights, but that can be removed for a scope like the PRISMA. It accepts all attachments, with MIL-STD-M1913 rails around the handguard. Since it's modular, it uses STANAG magazines for 5.56x45 and 20 round M14 magazines for the 7.62 variant. Barrel changes are always optional. Very rare.


South African bullpup assault rifle, having a high fire rate. It was supposed to replace a licensed version of the GALIL Israeli rifle. It uses 20, 35, and 60 round magazines. It does NOT support STANAG magazines. It is highly effective in medium-long range combat. It has the MIL-STD-1913 rail for attaching underbarrels. Of course, it accepts optics, barrels, and under barrels. Rare. Shares statistics with the M4A1. It is very similar to the SAR-21.

SIG Mondragon

German-Mexican joint semi-automatic rifle. It fires the 7x57mm Mauser cartridge from a 10, a 15, or a 25 round magazine. It is effective in medium range combat. It is not effective in close range combat, where the semi automatic can be beaten by fully automatic guns like the PPSH. It only accepts bayonets. Common. It is the only assault rifle other than the Fedorov to be a civilian spawn.


American 7.62 version of the M16A1. It fires the 7.62x51mm cartridge, used mostly on battle rifles, DMRs, and sniper rifles. It uses magazines from the M14/others. By not having full automatic, this is highly effective in medium range combat. Rare. Accepts all attachments, plus sharing statistic with the G3 battle rifle.

Česká Zbrojovka CZ-805 "Bren"

The stranded assault rifle of the Czech army. It fires the 5.56x45mm NATO cartridge. It shares magazines with other STANAG rifles. It has a ROF of 800. Despite it's rate of fire, it has high accuracy. It accepts the 5.56 silencer, under barrels, and scopes. It is rare to find on the game. Shares statistics with the SCAR-L. Very rare.


Israeli bullpup assault rifle. It fires the 5.56x45mm NATO cartridge from 30, 50, or 100 round magazines. A fire rate of 700 combined with good accuracy give this gun a balance between the TAR and it's carbine variant, the MTAR. Both variants will be in the hands of the Israeli Defence Forces by 2018. Speaking of that, it accepts underbarrels, optics, and barrels. Rare.


Austrian bullpup rifle, effective in close - medium range. It fires the 5.56x45mm cartridge. Unlike other AUGs, like the A1 and A2, it can accept a wide assortment of attachments, including flashlights and optics. It fires at a rate similar to the G36K. It accepts under barrels, barrels, and optics. Rare. Shares statistics with both the G36K and the AK-74.


Italian assault rifle. It fires the 5.56x45mm military cartridge. It is slightly similar to the SCAR-L, but it has a slightly slower fire rate. It shares magazines with other STANAG rifles. It has low recoil and a fire rate of 750. It accepts all attachments. Rare. Effective in medium-long range combat. The GLX-160, a 40mm grenade launcher, is exclusive to this weapon.


British bullpup assault rifle version of the L86A2 light machine gun. The A1, a earlier version of it, was prone to jamming, so H&K chose to improve it to the A2. It fires the 5.56x45mm cartridge from STANAG 30, 50, and 100 round magazines. It is very powerful in close range, hence it's fast cycling fire rate. With the SUSAT, it is truly a British gun. Very rare. Accepts all attachments.

Nexter FAMAS F1

French bullpup assault rifle effective at medium range. Chambered in a 25-round 5.56x45mm magazine. Able to use sights, the 5.56mm suppressor, and underbarrel attachments. Unique ammo clip just for the gun. ROF is 775- only beaten by the HK21 and the PPSH-41. The gun is very rare, spawning at military objects and buildings. Ammo is uncommon, spawning in military areas. It has the same damage as standard 5.56 assault rifles, such as the M4. Available in Automatic mode. Recoil is High, accuracy is medium. This is the main service rifle for the French military.


Czech assault rifle, replaced in service by the CZ-805 "Bren." Although it may externally look similar to a AK-47, the parts and the magazine are different. The firing switch, instead of a safety-automatic-semi-automatic style, it uses a automatic-safety-semiautomatic style. The magazine cannot be shared with AK-pattern guns, nor can the VZ.58 can accept AK magazines. It fires the 7.62x39mm cartridge, like other AK guns. It accepts all attachments. Very rare.


Winchester Model 1887/1901

The only lever-action shotgun that was widely used. The 1887 and 1901 used different rounds, the 1887 was made for gunpowder-propelled shells and the 1901 was made for smokeless shells. The lever-action firing mode allows a moderate speed of fire, you don't have to wait a full second between firing as you do with pump-action, and you can't repeatedly fire as fast as semi-automatic. Normally, it should take about 1/4 second between shots. Both guns are moderately rare, but the 1887 ammo is very rare. The 1887 is 2 headshots, 3 body shots, and the 1901 is 3 headshots, 4 body shots.


Russian semi automatic shotgun, effective in close - long range combat. It fires the 12 gauge buckshot or slugs depending on your situation. It accepts under barrels and sights. It fires from a 8 round box magazine or a 16 round drum magazine. It is powerful in close combat, requiring 3-4 shots. It shares stats with the M1014. Rare.


South African revolving shotgun. It is very powerful at close range, but to contain it's power, it 12 round magazine is it's weakness; a long reload time of 5 seconds, combined with it's rarity is not commonly found on the field. Speaking of all of this, it has a integrated forward grip, controlling the gun's large amount of recoil. It accepts optics, ammo types, and barrels (no underbarrels due of presence of the forward grip.) Very rare.

M1897 Winchester "Trench Gun"

American pump action shotgun, chambered for the 12 gauge buckshot. It is very powerful, killing in about 3-4 shots to the body. Although it doesn't accept attachments, it can attach bayonets. It is effective in close combat, like all shotguns. It is found in both military & civilian spawns. Uncommon. Shares statistics with the M870.


The semi-automatic version of the Italian SPAS-12 pump action shotgun. Nicknamed "la chiave dell'incursore" by Italian infantry because it blasts off the hinges of locked doors, it is very effective in close range combat. It uses a 8 or 16 round magazine, the former being a drum. It has a folding stock and a carrying handle that holds the sights, but it can be removed. It accepts optics, underbarrels (no grips due of no MLI-STD M1913 rails on the handguard), and finally, ammo types/barrels. Uncommon.

PANCOR Jackhammer

American bullpup combat shotgun. It was designed in 1984, and patented in 1987. Only a few working prototypes are known to exist when Pancor went bankrupt. The gas seal in the Jackhammer is very similar to the Nagant M1895 7-shot revolver. It holds a 10 round magazine only. It accepts optics, ammo types, and under barrels (barring grips due of the pump not holding M1913 rails). Very rare. It was rumored for a spent magazine to be used as a mine, but nah.


Italian semi/pump action shotgun. It fires the 12 gauge buckshot, flechette, or slug. Very powerful in close range if in close quarters. Lethal in open areas with slugs only. It accepts underbarrels (barring grips due of no MIL-STD M1913 rails), optics, ammo types, and barrels. The stock is unfolded in the world model. Rare.


Turkish semi-automatic shotgun that strongly resembles the M16. It fires the 12 gauge rather than the 5.56x45mm, hence that the MKA is a shotgun. It fires 5 round shotgun magazines, unique to the MKA. It accepts optics, barrels, shotgun ammo, and underbarrels. Highly recommended for close quarters like the Saiga 12K.


Turkish bullpup shotgun. It fires 8 rounds (15 in real life) for balancing reasons. This seems to look like the Kel-Tec KSG-12, but it is loaded from both the left & right sides. It accepts under barrels and sights. It is a pump-action and is a military grade gun. Rare. It shares rounds with the M870 & the M1014. Shares stats with the M870.

Kel Tec KSG 12

American bullpup-style shotgun. Fires 12 Gauge rounds. 12 rounds per load. Civilian/military-grade. Accessories include undebarrels and sights. Same stats as the M1014 shotgun, except for ammunition, which is unique to this weapon. 2 headshots and 3 bodyshots to kill a player. The gun is extremely rare in civilian areas, but quite rare in military areas. It gives off a fairly loud noise when shot. Ammunition is rare in civilian areas, but slightly rare in military areas. Spawns with 1-3 mags. Magazines look like a box open with pellets visible inside. Can NOT be combined to be used with the standard 8-shot M870, M1014. It has a 0.5 second delay after each shot, due to its pump-action properties.

TsNIITochMash KS-23

Russian "special carbine". Although it is a shotgun, it has a rifled barrel. It fires the 23x75mmR, the only non 12 gauge shotgun in-game. It is a pump action shotgun. It dishes out slightly higher damage than normal shotguns, but it has a small magazine of only 4 shells. It accepts optics and that's it. Rare.

Personal Defense Weapons


American personal defense weapon, using the 5.56x45mm cartridge instead of other cartridges like the 5.8x21mm, 4.6x30mm, 5.7x28mm, etc. The development was halted in 2011, but it caught attention due of it's "futuristic" appearance. It uses the gas piston system used on the M4/M4A1 weapons, while still delivering lethality due of it's compact nature. Highly effective in close range due of it's ROF of 800. Accepts the 5.56 silencer and optics. Very rare.


Chinese bullpup PDW, firing the 5.8x21mm DAP-02 cartridge. Magazine size is either 30, 50, or 60 round. It is effective in close combat. It has a fast fire rate of 800. It accepts scopes like the HD-33, barrels like the 5.8 silencer, and under barrels like laser sights. Rare. Shares statistics with the Uzi. In service with the People's Liberation Army, the People's Liberation Army Navy, and the People's Liberation Army Air Force.

KBP PP-2000

Russian submachine gun/PDW, boasting high accuracy. It fires the 9×19mm 7N21 +P+ armor piercing cartridge (not the 9x19mm Parabellum.) It can attach a 44 round magazine onto it's stock, but it is only for cosmetic reasons and the stock is unfolded. It uses 22 and 44 round magazines. It accepts all attachments excluding grips. Very rare. It has a slow fire rate of 650, but to balance that, it has the highest accuracy in it's class.


Belgian PDW, firing the 5.7x28mm and the direct competitor of the MP7. Fires from a 50 round transparent magazine on the top. It has a high fire rate, but the bullets don't put up much damage, taking about 5-6 shots. By default it has a integrated red dot sight, but it can be removed for something else. It accepts sights, the 5.7 silencer, and under barrels. Rare.


Soviet close range version of the VSS Vintorez silenced sniper rifle. It fires the high precision and armor piercing 9x39mm WP cartridge from a 20 round or a 30 magazine. It has a high rate of fire, and of course, have a integrated silencer. The VAL can accept optics and underbarrels for close-medium range combat. Very rare.


Swiss PDW, recently shown to the general public in late 2014. This fires the .40 S&W cartridge. It has a high rate for fire of 850. And also, it is effective in close-medium range due of that and plus the sights aren't obscured. It uses it own magazines of 25 and 50 rounds. Accepts all attachments. Very rare. Run and gun style is recommended for the MPX.


Swedish PDW version of the 9x19mm CBJ-MS. It has a average fire rate of 650. It fires from 20 or 50 round magazines, the former being a drum magazine. And plus, this is the more common version of the CBJ. You may find a 6.5 or a 9x19mm, so it's just a 50/50. It fires the 6.5x25mm CBJ ammo. Uncommon. Accepts attachments except underbarrels.


German PDW, chambered for the 4.6x30mm high-velocity cartridge. It has a integrated folding grip, which cannot be removed, controllable recoil, and a high ROF of 950. It fires from a 20 or 45 round magazine. Accepts 4.6 silencers and sights like the Kobra. Very rare. It shares with the TEC-9 in statistics. The integrated grip forbids under barrels, but increase accuracy and counter recoil.

TsNIITochMash SR-2 Veresk

Russian PDW, firing the 9x21mm Gyurza cartridge. It has a integrated forward grip to prevent the user's hands from touching the muzzle and to increase accuracy. It has a stock, but it is unfolded for the case that you want to use optics. It accepts 9mm silencers and optics. The integrated grip forbids usage of other under barrel attachments. Uses 20 or 30 round magazines. Very rare.



Israeli carbine variant of the ACE 23 assault rifle and the ACE 53 DMR. Using Galil magazines, it has a 35 or a 25 round capacity and fires the 5.56x45mm NATO and the 7.62x51mm cartridge. It is very lethal in close-medium range combat, with the right hands. It accepts attachments like optics, barrels, and under barrels, obviously. Both variants are very rare.


The military version of the Cx4 sports rifle, chambered for the 9x19mm cartridge. Shares with the M9, the G18, and the M93R in magazines. It has a integrated grip and cannot accept other under barrel attachments. It has a high fire rate of 600. It is effective in close quarter combat. Accepts sights & the 9mm silencer. Shares statistics with the CBJ-MS.


Chinese carbine version of the QBZ-95. It is obviously similar to the QBZ-95, but the barrel is shorter and it has a increase in fire rate by 10%. It is effective in close - medium combat. It fires the 5.8x42mm DBP87 cartridge. It accepts all attachments. Shares statistics with the MP5. Rare. Like it's parent the QBZ, it is very accurate, despite the barrel's length.


Israeli bullpup carbine variant of the TAR-21. The barrel length is shorter than it's big brother, but has a fast ROF of 850. The iron sights can be obtrusive, but when you have sights, you can bull's-eye the target. It uses the 5.56x45mm NATO cartridge, so expect yourself to use STANAG magazines. It accepts optics, underbarrels (excluding grenade launchers), and barrels. Rare.


Yugoslav carbine variant of the AK-47, optimized for close - medium range combat. It fires the 5.56x45mm cartridge, sharing with other 5.56x45mm rifles. It accepts scopes, the 5.56 silencer, and under barrels. It appears to look like a AK-47 with a folding stock, but it has the barrel of the AKS-74U. Shares statistics with the AKM. Uncommon.


Carbine version of the AK-12, but the main difference is the barrel length & it firing the 5.45x39mm as opposed to the 7.62x39mm. It has the same statistics as the AKS-74U but has a higher ROF and more common. It accepts all attachments, including the 5.45 silencer. Rare. Found in military areas.


British carbine variant of the L85A2/L86A2. It uses the same 5.56x45mm cartridge found on the 2 variants. It is very similar to the L85A2, except for the different handguard, lack of iron sights, and shorter barrel. It is hard to aim without a optic, but with one, you can properly shoot at your target. It accepts optics, barrels, and underbarrels (laser/flashlight only). Very rare.


Swedish carbine version of the AK 5, phasing out the AK 4, a copy of the G3 battle rifle. It is highly effective in close-medium range combat. It fires the NATO 5.56x45mm NATO cartridge. It's fire rate of 700 beats slower firing carbines/other weapons in close/medium range battles, but it can falter by other fast-firing weapons. It accepts optics, under barrels, and barrels. Rare.


American automatic variant of the famous M1 Carbine used during WWII. Unlike the M1, it is fully-automatic. It fires the accurate 7.62x33mm (.30 Carbine) cartridge. It deals less damage than the AK-47. Other than that, it does allow optic attachments, but it does not have a silencer. Magazines are in 10 and 25 round ones. Uncommon. Civilian spawn.

Submachine Guns


The newest SMG entering the Russian Army, supplementing the PP-19 "Bizon". It has a average fire rate of 700. It fires the 9x19mm 7N21 AP cartridge. It is effective in short - medium range combat. It accepts all attachments, including underbarrels. It is found in military areas. Most of the gun is based off the AK, excluding the magazine well, which is a MP5. Rare. Shares statistics with the MP5.


Italian submachine gun, made about a century ago. It fires the 9x19mm Glisenti cartridge, already obsolete, yet still manufactured. It's original role was to shoot down aircraft, and it's whooping ROF of 1,500 was made for that, but as it dragged on, it's ROF turned on the weapon, making this the highest recoil submachine gun ever. It holds 35 round magazines and effective only in close range combat. Uncommon. Emplacement only with 2 models welded to each other.

Čezká Zbrojovka Skorpion EVO 3

Czech submachine gun, boasting the 2nd highest ROF in it's class. It fires the 9x19mm Parabellum round from 30 round MP5 magazines and also uses it's own 60 round casket magazine. It superficially resembles the MP5, but has a folding stock in place of it's fixed/collapsible stock. High rate of fire of 1000, so never use it outside of close quarters. Accepts all attachments, obviously. Very rare.


German submachine gun used during World War II by the Germans, of course. It fires a 32 round stick magazine. It has a slow rate of fire, but it packs a punch, since it fires the 9x19mm Parabellum cartridge. It doesn't accept any attachments, unfortunately. It is a uncommon civilian spawn. Shares stats with the M3 "Grease Gun".


Swiss copy of the TMP submachine gun, having the 3rd largest fire rate in the SMG area, after the Scorpion EVO 3. It fires the 6.5x25mm CBJ round, a armor piercing round made in Sweden. It has a high rate of fire, but a integrated vertical grip controls the recoil produced by that. It accepts optics and the 6.5 silencer. Very rare.

Bergmann MP 18

With it's notable "snail" magazine, the MP18 was one of the first practical sub machineguns to see service. Firing the 9x19mm caliber with either the 20 round stick or the 32 round snail, it is manageable with it's rate of fire constrained to 450-500rpm. Uncommon.

Carl Gustav m/45

Swedish SMG, boasting a high fire rate. It was designed in 1944, then patented in 1945. It is effective in close combat, courtesy of it's high fire rate; ammo runs out quickly. It shares ammo & stats with the M3. It accepts silencers and optics. Uncommon. It is a civilian spawn.


German sub machine gun, using a modular system that utilizes both 9x19mm & .45ACP cartridges. It is effective in short - medium range. It has a high ROF (725), low recoil, and good handling. It takes MP5 magazines for the 9mm, Vector magazines for the .45ACP. A modular barrel change is required. Silencers too. Very rare. Shares statistics with the M1911 for the .45ACP, Model 459 for the 9x19mm.


American sub machine gun, ready for the .45ACP cartridge. It is effective at close quarters only, due of it's high ROF (700). It has medium recoil and good handling, even when you are hip firing. It fires from a stranded 12 round magazine for the USP, MK-23, and the G37, or a 35 round magazine. It accepts all attachments. Very rare.


British submachine gun, used by the British & it's commonwealths during World War II. It uses M3 magazines. It has a good fire rate (725), but the 9x19mm rounds doesn't put up much damage. It is a civilian spawn, and effective in close quarters. It shares statistics with the PPSH-41. It appears in civilian places. A lot.


American folding military submachine gun to be manufactured by Magpul, discontinued in reality. Fires a 9x19mm calbier bullet, with 32 rounds in the magazine. Very fast rate of fire and reload, but makes a loud noise. Very powerful in CQC. (Close-quarters combat.) Light damage, useful for taking out medium-large amounts of zombies or taking down a few players. Extremely Rare.


MATEBA Unica Model 6

Italian revolver, consisting of only a few models in the real world. This fires the .44 Magnum, which is particularly powerful, but gives high recoil. The revolver uses the recoil to rotate the cylinder & cock the hammer, which is rather unique. It accepts under barrels and a mini red dot sight. Rare. It fires 6 rounds.

MATEBA Chiappa Rhino 60DS

Italian compact version of the Unica 6. Instead of the barrel firing from the top, it fires from the bottom only. That is to reduce muzzle flip. Speaking of all of that, it fires the .357 Magnum, a powerful caliber only found in revolvers and other variants. It accepts underbarrels and a miniature red dot sight. Very rare.


Russian double action revolver, firing the .357 Magnum. Only a few prototypes were ever made, but you can toy with it in this game. Unlike other revolvers that reload from the side, it is a break open barrel. 6 rounds per magazine. Accepts a mini RDS and under barrels. Uncommon.

Colt "Peacemaker"

American single-action revolver that won the West, ready for the .45 Colt (not the .45ACP). Colt has discontinued production twice, but brought it back due of popular demand. It fires 6 rounds. It's effective in close range, where the .45 Colt can pack a punch in close quarters. Uncommon. Shares statistics with the Model 625.

KBP OTs-38 Stechkin "silent revolver"

Russian revolver, having a integrated silencer. It fires the 7.62x42mm rounds. 5 bullets in a mag. Can only receive under barrels. 4 body shots, 3 head shots. Effective in moderate range, Fine in sniping but is rather weak for CQB as this is a slow firing gun. Noise is low. Uncommon, slightly behind the 9x19mm CBJ-MS.


Mauser C96

German semi-automatic pistol that was originally produced by Mauser from 1896 to 1937. It is slightly worse than the regular Makarov in terms of damage, yet has bigger and more common magazines. It also accepts all attachments except underbarrels. It has 12 rounds/1 mag. It uses 7.63×25mm rounds. It can be fitted with a suppressor but as the gun itself is normally quite it wouldn't do much. It takes 6 shots in the head and 9 shots in the body. The gun itself is the same rarity as the CZ75.


The Russian Army's new stranded pistol. Unlike most pistols that fire the 9x19mm, .45ACP, .40S&W and others, this fire the 9×19mm 7N21 +P+ cartridge (AP variant of the 9x19mm, won't fit on other pistols.) It fires from 18 or 32 rounds. It accepts the 9mm silencer and under barrels. Rare.

TsNIITochMash PSS "Wool"

Soviet silent pistol, firing the silent 7.62x42mm SP-4 cartridge. It has a 6 round magazine only, but also very quiet. It is recommended to use in cities with hordes of zombies, yet the only disadvantage is it's small magazine size/it's rarity. It only accepts underbarrels. Very rare.


German pistol used by high ranking members of the Nazi Party, including Hitler, the SS, the Luftwaffe, the Heer, the Kriegsmarine, and the Gespato. It was made popular by James Bond, also known as 007, for his use of a PPK with a silencer. It uses the 7.65x17mm Browning SR cartridge, also known as the .32 ACP. It only accepts the .32 ACP silencer. Common.

Browning HI-POWER MK.3

A improvement of John Browning's famous pistol made in 1935, this has nylon grips and night sights, but still fires the 9x19mm Parabellum, along with the .40 S&W cartridge. It is highly effective and quiet, use it to kill zeds in cities. It spawns in military areas. Uncommon. Accepts underbarrels and silencers. Share statistics with the M9.

Tokarev TT-33

Russian pistol. It fires the 7.62x25mm Tokarev, used on the highly famous PPSH-41 made by Shpagain. It is effective in short range. It has a capacity of 8 rounds, like the M1911. It has high damage, like the .45ACP, but low accuracy like a Double Barrel Shotgun. It spawns in civilian areas. Common. Shares statistics with the M1911 & Makarov.


Japanese pistol. It fires the 8x22mm Nambu cartridge from a 8 round magazine. Damage is relatively weak, but it is very accurate, and suffers from virtually no recoil. The gun's own rarity is slightly more common than the M1911. The gun's ADS is clear and perfect. It is a civilian spawn. Common. Does not accept any attachments.


Belgian semi-automatic pistol, boasting a large magazine. It fires the .45 ACP cartridge, lethal at close range combat. It uses 12 round magazines from the G37, USP-45, and the MK.23, but it can accept the .45ACP silencer and under barrels. It has low recoil, average ROF, and good handling. Rare.


American pistol, meant for police and military. It fires the .40 (10x22mm) S&W pistol cartridge. It bridges the gap between the 11.43x23mm (.45ACP) and the 9x19mm Parabellum, and thus, a hybrid of that. It is found in police stations and military areas, hence it's name. It accepts the .40 silencer and under barrels. Rare.


Chinese semi automatic pistol, having a cartridge compared to the 9x19mm. Fires the 5.8x21mm DAP92 cartridge, found on the QCW-05. It holds 20 rounds, or 32. It is quiet, so it's ideal for city situations. It is found in military installations. It accepts the 5.8 silencer and under barrels. Very rare. Shares stats with the M93R.

DWM Luger P08

German pistol, used in WW1 and WW2. It fires the 9x19mm Luger (Parabellum) pistol cartridge, a effective cartridge. It fires from a 8 or 16 round magazine. It is effective in close range. It is quiet, and can be used in cities without being detected by the zeds. It has a high fire rate compared to other civilian pistols. It doesn't accept any attachments. Uncommon.

SIG P320

Swiss pistol used by military and civilian personal, manufactured by firearms company Sig Sauer. Fires 9x19mm Parabellum with a 17 round magazine capacity, or .40 S&W in a 12 round capacity. Accepts underbarrels and silencer. Moderate sound production, so it is useful for general use. Higher rate of fire compared to other civilian pistols,. Effective at medium-close range. Medium damage for the 9x19mm, medium-high for the .40 S&W variant. Rare.

COLT M1903 Hammerless

American pocket pistol used by the Belgians during the Great War. Despite the name "hammerless," it contains a hammer, but inside of the gun. Fires the .32 ACP pistol cartridge from a 8rd detachable box magazine. As for it's age, it is a civilian spawn. Common.


Standard pistol of the Belgian Army. It fires the 5.7x28mm cartridge. It looks like a rifle, but it is actually a pistol round. Other than that, it accepts underbarrels and silencers. It has 20 and 32 round magazine option. It is also a rare spawn, appearing in military areas.


The smallest commercially available pistol, made by watchmaker Franz Pfannl. More than a novelty than a actual combat pistol, it can be used to finish off wounded players, headshot zombies, or cows alike, although it contains 8rds in the magazine. For it's size, it is utilized as a entity rather than in the secondary slot. Uncommon.



Japanese sword used by the widely known samurai. In this game, it is based on the same gear made by ROBLOX. It has a long reach and very fast speed for killing zombies. Not effective against players, obviously due of them having guns, only if you can get the element of surprise, you can. Uncommon.


Latin American sword, ideal for chopping wood or cutting your enemies. It has a short reach, but lethal against zombies/players if you get the chance to jump them. It is used by Jason Voorhees, the antagonist from Friday the 13th. Rare.


Nepali knife, notable for it's curved blade. It uses are similar to the machete, except for it's curved design. It was also used in conflicts, like in 1814 during the Anglo-Nepalese War.

Nightstick (or Baton)

A modified stick used by police officers worldwide. Its a plastic stick used for torture or riots. Uncommon and found in police stations.


A Military made chainsaw, formerly made for cutting trees. It takes 3 seconds to crank it when you pick it up, rendering if you need to pull it out quickly. Can be found by the Prison, Military Outpost, and wilderness areas with military spawns. Often spawns with military vehicles as well.


M18 Claymore

American anti-personal mine. Obviously not the sword, but a mine that is a rectangular shape. Instead of just laying there until someone walks around, it has 3 tripwires protruding out of it, so when one walk into it, the entire thing blows up, killing the victim. To balance that, it's super rare. So use it in cramped areas!

M67 / RGO IMPACT Grenade

A fragmentation grenade. It kills a player with 1 throw if in the center, then 70 for those near the blast zone. Highly effective against people in cover. The M67 is a offensive grenade for flushing out enemies. The RGO is defensive, for attacks on attacking troops. Both are very rare.

M18 Smoke Grenade

Not necessarily blinding the target, but as it does smoke, it does have uses. It is a bit of an alternative to the road flare during extractions. It can also be used for screening movement. It can be thrown in a room as a tactical grenade. It will smoke and blind, but it will also blind the thrower. It will smoke for 15 seconds. Somewhat rare. FLIR / IRNV can see through the smoke.

Molotov Cocktail

An explosive that doesn't deal damage, but when explodes, makes a fire in the targeted area. The fire lasts for 10 seconds. The fire will damage the thrower and enemies, the Molotov Cocktail is good for blocking entrances and exits temporary. Can be found in civilian homes and military posts. Though it is uncommon, IRNV/FLIR users will be blinded.

Cluster Bomb

A large bomb that contains other bombs. When throwing at a victim, the bomb will explode in contact, damaging everything in the radius. Then, 3 other small bombs will also appear and explode too. Very lethal against crowds of zombies and players. Rare and only found in military areas.

Shrapnel Grenade

The grenade is like every other grenade. You throw it and it explodes in 5 seconds. Next, shrapnel explodes from the grenade, when a shrapnel hits a zombie/player, they take a little damage.


Trijicon RMR

American red dot sight made for pistols. It appears as a bright chevron, like the PK-A. And it only fits your secondary, excluding the Uzi and the CBJ-MS, obviously. Rare.


Russian 3.4x rifle sight commonly found on assault rifles, DMRs, and light machine guns. If the battery dies, then the reticle will turn black, like the PKA-S. The PKA-S is derived from this, being a shorter variant.


Russian 4x sniper scope, usually mounted on the SVD Dragunov & the SVU-AS bullpup rifle. When it was first made in 1964, it was considered the most advanced scope in the world. The chevrons on the rifle can help if you are trying to headshot someone.


Russian 2.7x scope made for the RPG-7 rocket launcher. It is superficially similar to the PSO-1 4x scope, but it has day-night capacities, since the reticle is very bright, but it cannot be locked onto enemy vehicles. Uncommon.


German 4x rifle scope, made for the Gewehr 43 rifle and the STG-44 assault rifle. It is effective for medium range combat. It is similar to the PSO-1 when you look at the chevrons, but it is widely different, because both chevrons are on the center like <>. Very rare.


Chinese 3.4x scope, usually mounted on DMRs. It is similar to the PSO-1, but it's smaller and the chevron is more bright, being a bright red instead of a dark red in the PSO. Use this scope to headshot someone.

M145 MGO

American copy of the C79 3.4 optic found on Canadian M16/M4 rifles. The optic is commonly mounted on M249/M240 machine guns, having saw service in Iraq & Afghanistan. The reticle is very bright, so chances of hitting a target is fairly high.


1x infrared scope, effective at targeting enemies. The green assists in targeting. Players, zombies, and livestock are in a orange hue. Inanimate objects are a yellow hue. Very vulnerable to blinding objects. Very rare.

8X Sniper Scope

American made sniper scope used mostly for sniping. It is available on the M82A3 anti-material rifle, the PDSHP-3 14.5 rifle, the FR F2, M-200 Intervention, and all other NATO stranded weapons by default. Very rare.


Russian high power 7x scope. It is extremely effective, hence the chevrons show for the top (short), middle (medium) and bottom (long). It is equipped on the SV-98 bolt action rifle. Very rare.


Chinese 6x sniper scope. It is effective in medium-long range combat, and is attached to the FY-JS sniper rifle by default. It has chevrons, bright ones, so it can be used even in the dark. Rare.


2x thermal scope, giving out almost black & white view. It is very effective in night. Sky is black, heat signatures (players, cars, zombies, etc), are in white with a small dot in the center. It is very vulnerable to flashing objects.


Russian version of the American Holographic sight. The red dot stays there, even when out of batteries, which the PKA-S requires. When it's dead, the reticle is black, but when it's back alive, it's bright red. The PKA-S is a good optic to some, because the reticle isn't that obscured as other sights. Rare.

JH-406 Coyote

Chinese red dot sight, found on the QBZ-95-1 assault rifle. It has a very clear view, so the player is aware of ambushes and attacks, etc. It is very bright, so yes, it's effective in the night, too. Uncommon.

Truglo HD-33

Chinese holographic sight. Like the JH-406, it is very clear, allowing for rapid target acquirement. The reticle is very bright, too. And like the Coyote, it is effective in the dark. Commonly found on the QBB-95-1 and the QJY-88 machine guns. Rare.

687M MiliDot Rifle Scope

Sight that only increases accuracy dramatically. The sight only has a minuscule red dot that is perfect accuracy, which is probably the most accurate in the whole apoc. The downside is that it isn't magnified, suiting it for medium ranged combat.

Underbarrel Attachments

Angled grip

Similar to the Grip, enhancing accuracy, but otherwise angled. It aims ergonomics and accuracy hence it's angled, of course. It increase accuracy by 33%. Rare.


An ordinary Harris bipod, which increases accuracy by 25% and controlling recoil by 50% when equipped. It can be used on rifles and machine guns. Rare


A military-grade tripod, functions like a bipod, but increases accuracy by 35% and controlling recoil by 60% when equipped on machine guns. Takes up an extra space slot. Very Rare.


A grip, but a stub at the same time. Controls recoil by 33%. Very rare.

Folding Grip

Similar to other grips, but has the ability to fold. Integral to the MP7 PDW, but can be found laying on the ground. Reduces first shot recoil by 30%. Very rare.


American and Russian grenade launchers. It fires the 40mm grenade shell. It is found in 3 different shells, HE, smoke, and buckshot. It is effective in open areas (short - medium range). It can collapse a landmark with 4 HE shots, regular places (firehouses) with 3 shots. Very rare. Note: no Noobtubing.


American made pump action shotgun attachment for use on assault rifles like the M4A1, the M416, etc. It has it own magazine of 6 rounds. Different rounds, like other shotguns appear as a buckshot, slug, and flechette. It also appears as a standalone. Very rare.

Barrel Attachments

M9 Bayonet

American bayonet, effective at close quarters. It is a combat knife, but the handle is green. Plus, do not get mixed up with the M9 pistol. Hit T to stab. Uncommon.


Includes all of the cartridges mentioned in this page.


Used for modular changes or if your gun is overheated after 50 rounds, this can change it quickly. For example: 9x19mm barrel. Very rare. For machine guns, if you don't have one, it takes up to 30 minutes in-game for it to cool down.


A attachment that can only be fitted on shotguns. When attached, instead of going all wide and far, it goes in a < > pattern. It gives high lethality in close range, but trades off accuracy.

Flash hider

Reduces the amount of flash generated from your gun, thus preventing players from seeing your muzzle flash. Very rare.

Type 30 Bayonet

Standard-issue bayonet of the Imperial Japanese Army. With almost a 16-inch blade, it is ideal for fending away zombies or players alike from you. Spawns alongside with Type 38/99 Arisaka rifles. Common.



A ammo, exclusive to shotguns that replaces buckshot. It is highly effective for medium / long range combat. It is not effective in close range, hence that slugs don't perform well in close range combat.


A type of shotgun ammo. It reduces damage by 10%, but it yields a high chance of penetration and accuracy. Use it in open areas like a wheat field or something like that. Rare.

Hollow Point

A bullet, increasing damage, but decreasing accuracy in the process. It gains a 10% boost in damage, while losing accuracy by 10%. This is recommended for low damage guns like the Makarov and the GSH-18.


A highly accurate bullet, increasing accuracy by 25%, but exposing yourself to enemies briefly before the trail dissipates. It is recommended for rounds with high damage, but low accuracy. It is recommended with 7.62x39mm bullets, since they're aren't very accurate, but lethal.

Player Camouflages


German camouflage used during WWII to today. It means "spotted camoflauge" in German. The camouflage itself is woodland, so it adapts well into the background & scenery of areas. Rare.


German camouflage used during World War II to today, again. Hence that it's splinted, like a splinter, it adapts well into it's surroundings like foliage and trees and stuff. Rare.


Russian camouflage pattern heavily influenced by German patterns, this is a combo of green, yellow, and black across the camo. It is popular with the Spetsgruppa Alfa, a regiment of the Spetsnaz. Very rare.


American camouflage pattern, designed by computers to blend in better than organic ones. There are two variants, named the MARPAT Woodland and the MARPAT Urban. The Woodland excels in forests and stuff, while the Urban performs well in urban areas.



Jet Ski

A compact 1-seater, this goes very fast in water regions. Stores 15 spaces. Requires a special fuel to run. Very vulnerable to small arms fire. Colors are blue and white, black and white, or red and white.

Two-Seater Jet Ski

Rarer than the normal Jet Ski, has the same stats but has two seats, and stores 20 spaces. It color varies between black, red, blue, and yellow. It goes very fast. Very rare.

PDW Boat

4-seater, can fit a civilian primary and military secondary as a defense. Guns controlled by the back most seat (the indicator for that seat is red). Storage space is 10 slots. Uncommon.

Armoured Attack Boat

Has a space that fits M249 in the back of it. Seats 6 people (including the seat on the weapon space) fueled by the same way as ALL ships. It can be sank and placed C4 at (This works for all ships). Has no explosives, but it can be shot lots of times and still won't sink. Military packs, M3s, and military weapons can be found at its basement. Has radio and radar.

Upgraded Attack Boat

2 places for M249, has 2 explosive launchers. Seats 8 people (including weapon spaces). It will be sank faster than the Armoured Attack Boat, but can deal more damage. You can walk on it when it's on movement, or stopped. Has anchor, radio, and radar. Its basement is filled with Military Loot, MREs, Vitamin Bars (Another idea) and Bottled Water.


A no-defence boat, this can carry a whopping 15 players and a 2 pages of storage. Since these are technically civilian and therefore useless, they don't have defences and are somewhat weak. 12 gunshots to take down but if it is hit at the bottom it takes 6 shots to bring down. These have lifeboats (much technology) which take 3 hits to take down. Only 3 lifeboats with 5 spaces for people each. 5 space storage in the lifeboats. Again, they are useless in modern life so they are rarely found due to zombies in water breaking down a lot of ferries. Ingame ferries are unaffected by zombies. Can be armored to double its durability.


Light Utility Vehicle

A special humvee that has a machine gun mounting of an M249, replacing the rear seats. Ammo for the gun could be refilled by mousing along the gun and clicking the 'refill ammo' tab. The mounting itself is exposed to direct fire. It has the same stats with the Humvee. 1/4 chance of replacing a humvee when it spawns.

Armored Escort

Rare huge cargo transport vehicle that seats 2 people. It has a working door at the back, and has a space to store supplies. There is only 3 windows at the front. It requires 4 wheels to operate. Has a speed of 40 km/h on the road, and 30km/h off road.


They spawn almost everywhere, you can attach it to cars and if its attached you can store supplies in it, you can open it by pressing E while you very near to it, if you have a trailer attached to your car your car slows down 5km/h on off roads and on roads, if no supplies stored on it 2 players sit on it, and player can enter on it.

"Shouldn't there be a hull repair for it and a storage button similar to those on cars?"- Osprey124


Trucks can spawn near cities, trucks can spawn with trailers attached to it, it can hold up to 2 people in front and you can attach truck trailers to it, needs 6 wheels, 3 glass to fix, 40km/h off road, 40km/h on road, slows down 10km/h if a truck trailer is attached to it.

"Great idea. Perfect for large groups and squad meetings, but it's also too fast for a truck." - TakedaShingen

Truck Trailers

Truck trailers can spawn near trucks and they work the same as the normal trailers, but truck trailers can hold up to 6 people in it and store more supplies in it.

VDV Buggy

A lightweight vehicle, found in military installations. Requires everything a normal car needs; jerry cans, wheels, you know. Seats 3 people. On the front passenger seat, a integrated PKP Pecheneg 7.62x54mmR machine gun. At the back, on the turret is the KORD 12.7x108mm machine gun. This can go very fast, around 60 KPM on average. The entire car is vulnerable to small-arms fire. Carries a heavy load.

"Too bad if you get roadkill by it." - Merrv

"Agreed with Merrv. Add a desert to this idea. Specify if there are special skins or colours for the car" - TakedaShingen

Basket Bike

A variation to the bike which contains a small amount of storage space (4-5 spaces)

"This should be an attachment, though." - TakedaShingen

Compact Transport Buggy

A small 4 seat buggy with no doors or windows to protect you from bullets, normally not used for combat but for transport at forts to get from one place to another. Storage space is the same as a motorcycle.

Golf Cart

Four seat civilian golf cart, goes slow. Faster than most vehicles, but fast that a bicycle. Has small fuel tank. Storage is that of a motorcycle.

"I think it should come ready to ride like a bike but still needs hull, tank, engine, and fuel, because car wheels don't go onto a golf cart." -Osprey124


A vehicle attachment which adds 5 additional storage spaces to the vehicle. A maximum of 2 saddlebags can be attached to a vehicle. Saddlebags can be found in rural areas and in car repair stations.

"Shouldn't the limit to the saddlebags be according to the size of the car?" - TakedaShingen

Door Remover

An attachment to the cars that allows the doors to be taken off, allowing guns to be fired while in any seat besides the driver seat. Doors will be stored in the car.

"Would require a fix of the car glitches (you take out your weapon inside and it randomly loops). Still, nice idea." - TakedaShingen

"Remove all doors on a jeep and you got yourself a Jeep Wrangler 4x4 in the apocalypse!" -Osprey124

Motorhome Type C

A small RV that can transport up to 7 people, holding 20 spaces worth of items. Able to be armored with balistic glass and armor plates. Vulnerable to small-arms fire. Has a ladder that leads to top of vehicle. This vehicle is uncommon and will spawn in Kin, Hark, and Olke. On occasion will spawn flipped on sides of roads.

"What about Pitts Park or Bump Flatts?"- Osprey124

Armored car

A military sedan with slits for windows protecting the driver and passengers from bullets. The storage size is slightly larger than that of a sedan.

Cougar MRAP

A US Marine Corps/Army transport truck. Windows rather thin to protect people inside from bullets. Has 6 seats, the driver, a passenger in the front, and 4 passengers in the back, unless it has a tower which gives it a seventh. requires 4 wheels and has half the storage size of that of a Ural. Also available is a remote-controlled 12.7x99mm M2 Browning. The MRAP is only found in military areas. Vehicle is resistant to TM-17 AV mines, but vulnerable to rockets.

Typhoon Ural

Armored Russian Ural. Always covered, and it has a door in the back instead of open backed. Large storage. Seats 9, 2 up front, 6 in back, one in door between cab and back where gunner sits. Can come with an KORD on top, controlled by the gunner.

Delivery Truck

4-wheeler delivery truck. Has low fuel efficiency but has INSANE storage capacity- it can fit 75 items in its trunk because it was used for delivery prior to the apocalypse. Achieves a top speed of 55kph on a flat road like in Amend. You can push its engine to go up to 65kph with turbo as well. Extremely rare and spawns by grocery stores. Has four seats, two front and back seats with no seats in the storage area

Sports Car

Sleek-looking sports car found in any civilian car spawn. Very rare. Fits two people inside. Has an INSANE speed capacity- 140kph on road, 80kph on a dirt road but only 40kph on grass. Has 6 slots as storage. It is best used as a car to zip around the map, or to quickly scout an enemy base. It has a low fuel capacity, medium strength, and needs 4 wheels. Most commonly spawns in the Mansion in Reborn/Reimagined or by Gusmanak's house in Amend.

"EY! I GOT A GLOCK IN MY RARI!"- Osprey124

Air Vehicles

Kamov KA-60 Kasatka

Russian transport helicopter, lifting up to 6 people and holds 30 spaces worth of items. This is the Russian Army's main transport helicopter, replacing the Mi-8 "Hip" in service. Colored under the steel of the helicopter is the Parthzian camoflague. On both sides, there are 2 PKP Pechenegs welded to each other, mounted on both sides; it can mow down enemies from a distance. It awns a retractable ladder, in the case one gets left behind. Passengers are vulnerable to small-arms fire, but this can be averted by shutting the helicopter doors, prior to entering, or putting on armor plates. <-- "Very good idea" - TakedaShingen


A small, one-seater helicopter built to move fast and efficiently. 3 storage slots, can be found in olive-green or gray. Pilot is very vulnerable as there is nothing to protect them. Can be found in fields, but very rare.

RC Drone

Vehicle that can be controlled by the player while standing still. It requires AA Batteries (New Item- Rare and find them in industrial areas) and a hull. While controlling, it can go 20kph max but as high as you want to. You can use this to scout military airfields for bandits but in turn risk being slaughtered while controlling the drone- the POV from your screen will be the drone's position. Can withstand 4 shots before crashing down. Drone is extremely rare (Why would such a OP-like item be less rare?). They spawn in every building, but the better spawn type it is, the less rare it is as well. (I have an idea- maybe toy stores new building in Apoc in each town can spawn em commonly?)

Map changes

Bodies of Water


Seas/oceans will spread to the boundaries of the map, just like what we did on the north of the old Amend map back then, lakes will be placed on the big empty lands on the map, and rivers will pass by farmlands (or possibly have the same placement as lakes).

What's the point of them?

The features of my idea are:
Drinking water
If we'll add this idea, we must add tinpots, or any metal kitchenware that can hold water, and use a firepit to boil the water. Just as raw meat is inedible, we add the same feature to this idea - you must boil it before you drink it. Boiled water will have the same stats as the water bottle. (((((Maybe raw meat can be edible like non boiled water but it has a 20-80% chance of giving food poisoning- Osprey124 (more explanation of food poison idea soon. Maybe there could be an iodine droplet container that can be found in hospitals
Tactical advantages
  • Bullets fired to something underwater will have its damage negated by a quarter (1/4th)
  • Guns can't work underwater, but they can work when you're on the surface. (If we'd like this to be even more realistic, we should make guns stop working for at least a minute once they've been submerged, but still make magazines/ammo be functional)
Yeah, if you're a scrub who'd like to suicide mid-battle, then this idea is great for you.
Not sure if we should add this or not, but it's still a good idea. Get a fishing rod out of a civilian home and start fishing.
It'd be notably nice if we do add fish animations on the bodies of water.
Broken/immobilized cargo vessels, fishing boats, or maybe, if possible, military ships such as aircraft carriers or frigates, lurking around on the seas to get looted. But, it'd be okay to use them only as scenery, too.
It'd be nice to have another tall building good for camping and base building, along with a cool new thing to explore.


Chairs (whether sofa or a normal chair), cabinets (refrigerators or normal wooden storage), tables (small or long), etc.


Civilain houses, of course!

What is the point of them?

The features of my idea are:
Blocking doors and windows
The usual stuff you see on the apocalypse, or cartoons that'd like to block the door to their deadly demise. Using an entrencher will be important here. Yes, a cheap and easy way to add more building materials.
Sitting down because why not?
Take a rest from your apocalypse life! If possible, replenishing stamina faster by sitting would be nice. To prevent epic "force sit down traps", we'll need to use the interact tool to sit.
Storage furniture
We can use them as storage for items, too. Refrigerators, of course, don't have electricity anymore, so they'll basically act like a cabinet. But, even if they do have electricity if you add the logic of automatic night lights on towns, food in AR don't expire anyway.
Grass as well to make ghillie suits and a more realistic game
-Now we're talking DayZ. (Osprey1)
It Can Have a exploded train on it, and a passenger terminal in the main cities. The Map show where its pass.

Location Pop ups

Every time you get to a new location, ex. Vernal. On the bottom of your screen, The word "Vernal" will pop up. I don't know if this is possible, but it would be cool. -Like in GTA5? (Osprey124)