The town of Strive is one of the main three towns in the Amend map, along with Delve and Amend. It is a very good place for starter loot, and like The Forest, can spawn military-grade weapons from time to time.


Strive is a favorite destination of many players. It has a police station and a fire station, both which can spawn military-grade loot, a hospital, which is good for gathering medical supplies, a grocery store, which can be great for stockpiling on consumables. Also, Strive has a very high chance of spawning a vehicle. Furthermore, there are four car spawns there: ambulance, civilian car spawn, police cruiser, and fire truck. 

However, it is quite a risk to visit Strive as many players loot there during their first days. Even though this is a popular spot for new spawns, bandits can easily set up a trap, picking off any unfortunate survivors that aim to loot.

Be Careful!


  • Strive is one of only three towns in the whole AR Universe that has a Fire station, a Hospital, and a Police Station. The only other two are Amend and Kin (all kin maps)
  • Take the dirt road heading north out of Strive and you will reach Gusmanak's House/Carrot House. This building has a very high chance of spawning high-tier loot.
  • There is (estimate) around a 25-30% chance of spawing a car at Strive, judging by the amount of other car spawns on the map.

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