Street Lights, a Light Source, are not visible in-game as a model, but they emit light along roads inside small towns and major cities. The brightness of the Street Lights is brighter than the Military Flashlight .


Street Lights are, by default, deactivated in-game. Only specific towns and major cities have Street Lights. To activate them, you will have to go find a generator and turn it on. The red and green lights above the generator's lever will blink, and the lights will turn on after a few moments. Players should avoid street lights at night, as zombies can easily detect you and you will be more visible to other players.


  •  When there are red lights in Union Square, or Kin in general, it means Subject 3 (different than Patient Zero) has spawned  or is spawning. In the Amend map, a TV in The Bunker would turn red. The lights flicker on and off, and your health starts to go up and down.


  • Possibly a ROBLOX Dynamic Lighting bug but when in the south Fire House in Kin with the lights on, it lights up parts of the inside.

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