Stamina is a physical stat in Apocalypse Rising.


Stamina can be determined by your Stamina Bar. Stamina is an important part of survival. With Stamina, you can jump and sprint. 0% Stamina means that you cannot jump, or sprint until you have regenerate 30% Stamina. Stamina was introduced in v5.0.0, but the Stamina Bar wasn't. If you like Stamina, you should get the Cardio Perk.


  • Jumping takes away 20% of your stamina.
  • You regenerate Stamina, 2x faster with the Cardio Perk.
  • Sprinting and Jumping at the same time will gobble up your Stamina pretty quickly.
  • Stamina loss will not result in Health loss.
  • Walking does not affect your stamina loss.
  • Crouching does not drain stamina and will not regenerate it quicker.

See Also

  • Hunger
  • Thirst
  • Cardio Perk

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