Solace is a fairly small town in the Amend map. It is located in the central area of the map.


Solace is a town in the Amend map. It consists of some non-enterable and enterable houses, 2 industrial buildings, a grocery store, and another industrial building with a shed and two military sheds just out of the town limits.


  • Has 1 civilian, 1 bicycle, and 1 military vehicle spawn.
  • 2 military tents, which spawns loot.
  • 3 industrial buildings in the area, with a few more on the farms near the town.
  • 2 farm vehicle (ATV/Tractor) spawns just to the south-west of Solace, and a tent near there too.
  • This is, in some ways, a better place to look for military vehicles than Military Airfield. Players loot it and repair the cars there too. But there are more industrial item spawns there.


  • It is possible to gain military weapons from the industrial areas in Solace.
  • Solace's name is kind of a misnomer- it isn't peaceful with the zombies in the streets and the threat of other players trying to kill you or draw you into a trap. But, on the bright side, bandits prefer Military Airfield, to get the loot, vehicles they need and to kill anyone there.
  • The military vehicle spawn is just out of Solace. Follow the dirt road out of Solace. It will turn left and end. The military vehicle will spawn just after the end.
  • The civilian vehicle spawn is between the dead end street heading west and the street leading out of solace, also heading west. Check there even if you don't see smoke from the engine- engines do spawn yellow, which means it does not produce smoke.


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