The Snow Camouflage Uniform is a rare military-grade clothing item in Apocalypse Rising.
Snow Camouflage Shirt

The Snow Camouflage Shirt.

Snow Camouflage Pants

The Snow Camouflage Pants.


It is whitish-gray in color. You can find the clothing at places where military loot spawns. This camo doesn't hide you (because it blends in with nothing), except during the temporary winter update. It may also represent the experience of the player from wearing this type of clothing as this is one of the rarer kind of clothes to find.


  • While this camo is probably one of the worst camouflages for blending in with grass, it may be very useful when bending into things such as rocks, roads, snow, and some buildings, which may make looting cities easier. It's still a very "outstanding"(by it's literal meaning) camo among the scenery in most of the map.
  • It is unknown why the military would have any of these while it was still going, considering the location of AR.
  • The snow camo is the most useful camo during the Winter/Christmas update, where the entire map is covered in a sheet of snow.


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