SKS Rifle

SKS Rifle

5 headshots, 6 bodyshots

Magazine Size 10

7.62x39mm Russian

Effective Range


Rate of Fire

4 (seconds to total mag expension)



Firing Modes


Reload Time

4.1 seconds





Ammo Rarity


Spawn Locations



Barrel: No

Underbarrel: No

Sights: No


The SKS-45 semi-automatic carbine is a civilian, long range rifle which is usually found in civilian homes. Each clip fed into the internal magazine contains 10 rounds. The SKS, M1 Garand, Mosin-Nagant, and Lee-Enfield are all good weapons to start out with if you have just begun your adventure in Apocalypse Rising .


SKS Ammo

7.62x39mm Russian ammunition

The SKS excels at long range, which is helpful when killing off players or picking off zombies, and it has a decently sized mag clip. However, it is quite loud, and it can't be fitted with a 7.62mm suppressor. This, and the fact that it can't have a scope, puts it at a disadvantage against other long range weapons, such as the HK21, Mk 17, and especially the M14 and the FAL. To make up for its disadvantages, the SKS uses 7.62 x 39mm ammo, the same rounds used with the AK assault rifles. This gives it high damage, and it only takes about 5-6 shots to kill a player with full health.

Ammo is relatively easy to find, and is much more common than the actual rifle itself. The gun can usually be found with 2 or 3 mags, and is found in various areas around the map. The SKS is a better rifle than its American counterpart, the M1, as its magazine capacity is higher, while doing the same damage, and it doesn't make a distinctive "ping" sound upon reloading a clip.

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