Radio Tower or RT is a landmark in Kin Reborn. It is located near the center of the map and is one of the most dangerous landmarks in the map as it is a hotspot for players and zombies tend to roam the area. The landmark sits atop a large hill and consists of a tall red and white tower higher than the previous radio tower in Kin Re-Imagined. It also has a radio station which spawns mostly civilian loot but sometimes military loot upstairs. It has a few rooms on the side if you enter from the Radio Tower's side and a receptions desk if you enter from the North side and a staircase to take you upstairs which also has a door that leads into a hallway with rooms on the side that spawn high-tier civilian low and low-mid tier military loot. There are also two military tents, a regular and medical one. There is also an industrial building with crates inside.


The Apocalypse Rising Game's Image of the Radio Tower

The Radio Tower is a huge tower red and white that can be noticed from pretty far. It's a perfect place for sniping but it can be easy to get spotted from up there. The tower has at least three different levels you can get on. It's recommended you go the highest up so it is harder for people to spot you and snipe you. If you're basing here the Radio Tower is definitely a great way to scout and defend your base from any base raiding bandits that come by.

This landmark of course is a dangerous hotspot as bandits, zombies, and new spawns tend to roam this landmark. If you're going to go to the radio tower, you should bring a friend or at least a good weapon to fend off the zombies and players at the place. Due to this place being a hotspot for players, there will be battles here frequently and sometimes bases made by bandits.

Basing here is excellent as you get the radio tower for scouting and looking out for your base, decent loot spawns, cars spawn here, and there are other landmarks nearby so supply runs will be close to the base.

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