A picture of Radio Tower (at night)

The Radio station (as read on the map) or Radio Tower and RT as commonly referred to by the players, is a hilltop structure located east of Kin and somewhat south-east of the centre of the map. The structure consists of a white hollow building (with 3 rooms to each of the 2 floors and a ladder leading to the flat roof) and a tall red and white tower with a ladder and several viewing points. All of the windows in the building are breakable/repairable and enterable. The structure is a very popular location for group meetings and many player to player firefight's. Not many choose to base in or near the radio tower despite it's strategically benefiting hilltop location, since it's a very hot zone and many players visit it every minute.


  • Falling off the Radio Tower: Falling from the top of the Radio Tower will take down all of your health if you are not at full health.
  • Players commonly plant mines and C4 and stand a distance away to kill unexpecting players and destroy the structure.
  • The zombie spawn rate is Moderate. So watch your back!.
  • The Radio Tower can attract a good amount of players and bandits. Keep an eye out for other survivors constantly.

Method to camp here

1. Go to the very back room at the radio tower, it has a single window and a single door.

2. Board up the window if you have to, this makes camping easier.

3. Announce to the server that you are at the radio tower with nothing but a black military pack,

and that you have no ammo, ask global chat for ammo.

4. For best results, light a flare at the middle of the hill, or plant a mine on the stairs.

5. As soon as your enemy steps into the room, fill him/her with lead.

6. For best efficiency, you're going to want a lot of ammo.

7. Store all his supplies in the room, chances are your enemy will see the food as they approach the back room, and help him/her self and lower their guard.

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