The Prison is a location in Kin Reborn. It is essentially a more realistic version of the Kin Reimagined version.


The Prison is a complex of four buildings surrounded by a white wall. There are two Cell Blocks (A and B), a Mess Hall, and an Administration office. The area is lit. Civilian and Military loot spawns here.

Sections of the Prison

RobloxScreenShot03312015 204216684

The hall as viewed from the storage room.

Mess Hall

RobloxScreenShot03312015 204144438

The hall as viewed from the Guardrail.

Food mainly spawns here, but so can utilities. There is an observation room, two storage rooms, and many tables. There is a walkway with guardrails surround the room, with ramps leading upward.

Cell Blocks

The cell blocks spawn civilian loot (no weapons, but utilities, ammo, and food). Each cell has a door that can be opened and closed. There is an observation room at the end of each which spawn low-mid tier military loot.

Administration Office

This is a small room far from the other rooms. It can spawn civilian loot. Otherwise, nothing is interesting about it.

RobloxScreenShot03312015 204118443

The Cell Block model.

Outside Area (Grass/Wall)

The large wall surrounding the Prison has two main watchtowers that have two floors. The second floor has a window, a path to the walkway on the wall, and can spawn civilian loot (including weapons). The area is lit on two sides. There are no military tents, but there are barricades. There are large doors than can be opened and closed.

RobloxScreenShot03312015 204041948

The office.

RobloxScreenShot03312015 204603429

Outside the Prison.

RobloxScreenShot03312015 204057819

Outside the Mess Hall.

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