Utilities are useful tools that can be used by the player anywhere. They use different slots in the inventory and does not take up inventory space, though you can only carry a certain amount of utilities as of v5.0.0. In version 3.0.0 - 4.5.4, only 7 utilities were obtainable. Every utility's spawning rate is also twice as rare than before, as of that version too. Melee weapons, as of v5.0.0 also, take up utility slots instead of primary weapon slots.

Chemlights can be equipped on yourself, however they won't appear in your utility slots and cannot be removed until the light from it runs out which will take a while.

List of Utilities

Name Rarity Type
Hatchet Uncommon Civilian/Military


Common Industrial
Combat Knife Rare Military
Officer's Sabre Very Rare Military
Vehicle Jack Uncommon Industrial
Map Common Civilian
Binoculars Common Civilian
C4 Detonator Very Rare Military
GPS Rare Military
Compass Uncommon Civilian
Watch Common Civilian
Matches Common Civilian
Old Flashlight Spawn Item Civilian
Survival Flashlight Uncommon Industrial
Military Flashlight Rare Military
Omni Light Rare Military

Road Flare

Uncommon Civilian
Personal Radio Rare Military


The Vehicle Jack was removed from Reborn and Reimagined.

The Road Flare is not a Utility, it is dropped. See Road Flare.

As of the Reborn update there is now two buttons that appear on the side of the screen when a C4 detenator or a Omni light is obtained, these buttons are used to toggle the utilitys instead of going through the hassle of opening your inventory to use them.

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