Vehicle Chart

A chart showing the stats for all vehicles in the game (click to enlarge)

Vehicles are means of transport, usually used for traversing the map quickly or attacking players. Vehicles that aren't under the caretakership of a player/group are always heavily damaged, requiring repair. Vehicles can be fixed by looting replacement parts scattered around the map, and clicking the appropriate area on the vehicle with the Interact tool. Or, you can steal a vehicle of another player if he/she has left it alone and isn't near it.


Most "untouched" cars need numerous repairs. Damaged or wheel-lacking vehicles can either slow down or stop a vehicle from functioning. However, you may repair those vehicles by using certain vehicle parts. You can find vehicle parts from inside specific buildings, like warehouses or sheds.

List of Vehicles for Apocalypse Rising

Vehicle: Rarity: Type: Seats:


Quite Common Civilian 1
Cargo Van Rare Civilian 6
Pickup Truck Slightly Rare Civilian 4
Humvee Very Rare Military 4
Van Very Rare Civilian 4
Ural Truck Quite Rare Military 8
Motorbike/Sidecar Rare Civilian 1/2
Tractor Rare Civilian 1
ATV (Quad Bike) Rare Civilian/Military 1
Jeep Rare Military 4
Sedan Quite Rare Civilian 4
Ambulance Very Rare First Response 6
Police Cruiser Very Rare First Response 4
Fire Truck Very Rare First Response 4

Vehicle Spawns

All vehicles spawn naturally only in certain places. For example, civilian vehicles can spawn just about anywhere, except in military areas. At places such as the Military Outpost and occasionally around military tents, Urals and Humvees, some of the best vehicles in-game, can be found. Urals and Humvees don't spawn in other places. The Ambulance, Police Cruisers, and Fire Trucks can only be found in front of hospitals, police stations, and fire stations, respectively.

Repairing Vehicles

If you find a vehicle, most likely it will need repairs. Vehicles can be repaired using any sort of car parts (scrap metal, wheels, glass, fuel tank, engine parts). When you first find a vehicle, your first priority of repair should be wheels. The car can still drive with a flaming engine and a busted fuel tank. While these are not ideal driving conditions, you could still drive it to another town to search for more parts. Engine parts are the hardest to find.

My recommendation for repairing a car is to get wheels on it, if it needs one (orange or red status), get a fuel tank, and then go searching for other parts if you didn't have them. At that point, you could just take the car.

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