Perks are permanent buffs applied individually to every player. The player is required to select a perk on the startup screen, the selected perk being applied to the player upon spawning. Each player is required to select one perk, and their decision cannot be altered after spawning.


Icon Title Description
Cardio You were born a runner! Your stamina regenerates twice as fast as others', allowing you to sprint for longer periods of time.
Survivalist You're a natural at surviving! It takes five minutes for your thirst and hunger bars to deplete.
Ninja You're trained in the art of stealth! You make zero noise while walking and jumping, and must be closer for zombies to detect you.
Vitality Your health slowly regenerates after a short ammount of time if damaged. 


  • The Ninja perk is considered by many to be the best perk in the game, as it is easier to stalk an enemy without being noticed, or escape from an enemy after being attacked.

Dual Perks

As of update 6/23/14, it is possible to chose two perks at an expense of credits (purchasable by Robux). However, choosing perks that contradict each other cancels out the ability. For instance, Ninja and Vitality; Ninja decreases noise whilst Vitality increases it, this cancels out both abilities thus you generate the same noise as a player without Ninja/Vitality perk.

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