Food is a vital survival item in the game. Without it you will starve to death in a matter of minutes. Food comes in various forms, all of which are found in real life.


Food can not only save you from starvation, but also heal you. You will gain blood depending on what you eat. Your hunger bar will deplete overtime, though slower than drinks, so it is highly recommended that you bring food with you. It also recommended that you only eat food once your hunger bar goes under 15 percent or when you are near death. You can find food anywhere around the map, as they spawn in many buildings. Killing players for food could be a smart choice, though you might want to reconsider if they at least wield a high-powered weapon or gear.

List of Food

Name Rarity Hunger Replenishment Health Healing Type
Can of Beans Common/Spawn Item 60% 15% Civilian
Spam Common 40% 15% Civilian
Canned Pasta Common 60% 15% Civilian
Tomato Soup Common 60% 15% Civilian
Chicken Soup Common 60% 15% Civilian
Beef Stew Common 60% 15% Civilian
Canned Tuna Common 60% 15% Civilian
Cooked Meat Uncommon 100% 30% Civilian
MRE (Meal-Ready-to-Eat) Very Uncommon 100% 40% Military
Beef Jerky Uncommon 40% 10% Civilian
Chocolate Bar Rare 40% 10% Civilian
Twinkies Very Rare 40% 10% Civilian
Cookies (Chips Ahoy) Rare 40% 10% Civilian
Can of Vegetables Uncommon 60% 15%


Pringles Uncommon Civilian
Cheez-It Uncommon Civilian

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