Consumables can be food, drinks, or medical items. They all restore your status bars at the bottom of the screen, besides Painkillers. These are all very useful for The Player.


Medical items have special functions. They are commonly found in big hospitals (in Kin and Vernal), clinics, military tents, or from a player you killed. You are encouraged to carry any amount of these items.

List of Medical Items

Name Rarity Function Type
Blood Bag Uncommon (Only in Hospitals) Restores health back to 100%. Military
Painkillers Uncommon (Only in Hospitals)  Reduces damage dealt. Civilian


  • A bloodbag will never, ever spawn in a house. If you see one, someone probably dropped it there.
  • Painkillers reduce 20% of incoming damage for 45 seconds, each use.
  • Never consume a whole box of painkillers in real life, it can kill you. If you do eat a whole box of painkillers in real life, that's called overdosing which is illegal. Again, it can seriously harm you unless you go to the Emergency Room immediately. It is not recommended to experiment with this. Do not try this at home.


  • Sometimes, after your time for using painkillers is up, your screen will flash red as though you had taken damage, but your actual health will not have changed.

Food and Drinks

Food and Drinks have their own specific pages.

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