Building Materials are civilian-grade items scattered across the map that can be used for building in Apocalypse RIsing. They are fairly common, and are found (mostly) in industrial areas. Building materials take up 2-3 spots in your pack. Stone Walls are the best building materials in the game. Building Materials are useless without an Entrencher. Building Materials are not required to make a base, but they are highly recommended. Bricks and Stone Blocks are good for covering up small windows, and wooden planks can cover up doors. Stone Walls cover better for both windows and doors. Timber is good for blocking certain vehicle entryways. Building materials make great instant cover if you are being sniped while walking through an empty field.

Best Ways To Use These Items

  • Stone Walls: Good for mobile cover, blocking off anything, and, of course, making a wall with more walls!
  • Wooden Planks: Good for blocking off windows, creating sniper cover, railing, and ladders.
  • Bricks: Good for sniper cover and ladders.
  • Stone Blocks: Good for walls; it is the same height as 4 Timber or 8 Bricks.
  • Timber: Good for blocking off just about anything, creating sniper cover, bridges, columns, and ramps.
  • Entrencher: Necessary for moving any of the above items.

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