Backpacks are a type of item in Apocalypse Rising. They expand the player's amount of inventory space.


Backpacks are common through out the world. Each backpack has a unique color of its own, but the color doesn't affect the quality of the pack. Multiple types of backpacks can be found; each has its own qualities and spawn locations. The following are the available pack in the game.

1) Fanny Pack

2) Hiking Pack

3) Survival Pack

4) Military Pack

Fanny Pack

Fanny packs are the lowest quality pack in the game, giving the player only 2 extra slots. They can be commonly found at any civlian spawn location.

Hiking Pack

Hiking packs are a bit better than fanny packs, giving the player 4 extra slots. They are common at any civilian spawn location. Good to survive for the starters

Survival Backpack

Survival packs are rarer than the previous two and allows the player to hold 6 extra slots.They can be found at any civilian spawn location. For a long time, is presumed this is the better pack in game, but the military pack is a uncommon pack today.

Military Backpack

Military packs are the ultimate packs in the game and be dangerous to hold due to bandits, but allows the player to hold 8 extra slots. It can be useful for carrying vehicle parts and building materials or transporting a spare gun for an ally. Once you have a military pack, all your slots are unlocked. Military packs can be found in military areas as a result of military items.

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