Attachments are military grade weapon accessories which assist the player in using a gun. However, it may not support some weapons such as the M1 Garand. Most military grade weapons may have up to three attachment slots: optics, barrel, and under barrel. Only a single attachment can be held each type, like you can't attach a laser guide and foregrip at the same time because they are both underbarrel attachments. All in-game attachments are modeled after their real life equivalents.

List of Attachments


Type Rarity Magnification Use
Suppressor Barrel Varying N/A Hides muzzle flash/sound
SUSAT Scope Optic Rare 4x Aim enhancer
ACOG Optic Rare 4x Aim enhancer
M68 CCO Optic Uncommon 1x Aim enhancer
Holographic sight Optic Uncommon 2x Aim enhancer
Kobra Sight Optic Uncommon 1x Aim enhancer
Reflex Sight Optic Uncommon 1x Aim enhancer
Flashlight (Attachment) Underbarrel Rare N/A Hands free light source
Laser Sight Underbarrel Rare N/A Increased hipfire/ADS accuracy
Forward Grip Underbarrel Rare N/A Reduced recoil

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