Padded Clothes are the third most common Clothing articles in the game, surpassed by The military uniforms. they come in Blue, Green, Red, Black, White and Brown. Their appearance is the same as Civilian clothes, except for Leather pads on the elbows, and knees, the appearance of straps going all around said places on the character, and what appears to be leather finger less gloves.


  • Padded Clothes actually do provide a very small amount of protection from zombies.
  • All the clothes in Apocalypse Rising, including padded clothing, used to be sold in the catalog by Black Father, but were removed for an unknown reason. Lower quality versions of the clothes are now sold by Gusmanak though.
  • Green is the most desired article because it actually helps you blend into the grass a little.
  • Scientifically proven that if you wear CAMOUFLAGE clothing in Apocalypse Rising, people are scared of going near you in fear of thinking you are an experienced player and have OP Weapons. 

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