PPSh-41 Submachine Gun

6 bodyshots, 4 headshots

Magazine Size 35 round box magazines

7.62x25mm Tokarev

Effective Range

Short - Medium

Rate of Fire 1,000 RPM


Firing Modes


Reload Time

4 seconds



Gun Rarity


Ammo Rarity


Spawn Locations

Old Mine, Houses, Barns, Barricades, etc.


Barrel: No

Underbarrel: No

Sights: No


The PPSH-41 (Pistolet-Pulemyot Shpagina) is a uncommon, but powerful, civilian-grade submachine gun that is found in Apocalypse Rising.


The PPSH-41 was designed by Georgi Shpagin in 1941 as an alternative to the PPD-40. The submachine gun saw extensive combat use in World War II and the Korean War. Around 6 million PPSH-41s were manufactured. Today, the firearm is still used commonly within irregular military forces and also is a pretty popular civilian choice.


The PPSH-41 submachine gun is known to be the best civilian weapon in Apocalypse Rising, especially in CQC (Close Quarters Combat) situations. The firearm holds 35 7.62x25 mm Tokarev rounds in each magazine. The submachine gun featured simple blowback operated action, and fired from open bolt. With the featured mechanism, the PPSH-41 provided the user with an incredible 1000 RPM, which was devastating in urban combat. Unfortunately, due to the RPM, jamming was common. The firearm's barrel length was 269 mm. It is considered to be the best CQC weapon in the game. The game's version is much faster than its real-life counterpart. Incredibly, the gun is also good in medium to long range using the sight itself, however it's stats says it's lower than that. Many people have told Gusmanak and Zolarketh to fix this, but its stats have not been changed.


  • The PPSH-41 was a military weapon in WWII but was demilitarized for civilian use in 2002.
  • In real life terms, it is one of the fastest firing sub machine guns in the world, behind the Kriss Vector and Micro Uzi (1100 RPM), having a fire rate of 1,000 rounds per minute.
  • Ammunition is highly common in farmhouses and sheds.
  • Because of the PPSH-41 having the 7.62x25mm pistol cartridge, it does more damage than certain assault rifles in the game at close range.
  • Most PPSH-41s were used with, in real life, drum magazines containing up to 71 rounds.
  • The PPSH-41 has the best fire rate for primary guns.
  • The real life PPSh-41 was made with a rectangular barrel, not a cylindrical barrel.
  • The PPSh-41 can outclass some assault rifles and battle rifles.



A PPSH-41 found inside of a house.


A player holding the PPSh-41

  1. Image-1439590281

    A player with his friend holding a PPsh-41.

PPSH-41. 7.62x25mm Tokarev

the PPSH-41 in real life. Note the drum magazine.

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