Olke is a small town up north of the region. It has the big tunnel next to it which goes to Pitts Park and the middle-south part of the region. Olke also has a general store, a clinic, a small industrial area, and one military tent surrounded by two military barricades which spawn military-grade loot.

Visiting Olke is a good place to go for a quick loot run as it has a fair amount of blood bags, spawns a little bit of military grade loot mostly primaries, utilities, and secondaries. It also has a small industrial area for some base materials and car parts.

Player hotspot isn't very big here. Most of the time you'll find new spawns or unarmed players looking around for supplies but every once in a while you can spot a bandit or two here.

Basing here is both a good and bad idea depending on how you put it. If you want a quiet more stealthy base that's not going to have very much raids then basing here is an option and if you want it to be easy to go on supply runs then this is also a good option. However it can be bad choice to base here if you want a base that will have frequent raids and player activity as this Olke isn't really the place for that.

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