The Old Flashlight is a type of flashlight. It is the first tier of flashlight, followed by the Survival Flashlight. It is the most common flashlight in the game, as every player spawns with it (unless they have a gamepass).
Old Flashlight


The Old Flashlight appears identical to all other flashlights in the game, (excepting the Omni Light) with a light grey case color. A yellow bulb slightly protrudes from the front of it, showing which direction light will point. The bulb is yellow regardless of the flashlight being on or not.


  • As the name implies, it is very old. However, in the dark, it is as useful as any other source of light.
  • It is a common item that can be found in most civilian locations.
  • Despite its low luminosity, it can still attract bandits if they are close enough.
  • When using it, your visibility to zombies drastically increases, so be careful.

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