Officer's Sabre

Officer's Sabre


Effective Range







Very Rare

Spawn Locations

Any military spawn

Swing Speed


The Officer's Sabre (or just Saber or Sabre) is a melee weapon. It is extremely uncommon, and the rarest melee weapon in-game. It is tied for the having the most damage of any melee weapon in-game with the Hatchet, but has the longest reach of any melee weapon. It is tied for having the fastest swing speed of any melee weapon in-game with the Combat Knife, and spawns in military locations. Because of these stats, it is arguably and probably the best melee weapon in the game, though some players prefer the Hatchet to it.


The Officer's Sabre has a black hilt and a gold handle, with a silver blade. Because it has a small hit box it is not recommended to use this against military zombies since it can miss the head. The hatchet has a bigger hitbox and can take out military zombies more efficiently. Like other melee weapons, it should be used for silent zombie kills or to conserve ammunition, but it is not the best weapon for killing players, seeing as how they could easily get a very clear shot at you.


  • It is the only "shiny" weapon.
  • In real life, sabres like this are used in military ceremonies for decoration.


  • A player's arm can get stuck outright after using a sabre.

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