Ninja, originally called the stealth perk, is a permanent buff that you can chose in the main menu in Apocalypse Rising. Ninja Perk is one of the 4 perks that you can choose in the main menu. The Ninja Perk allows you to be almost-completely silent, and you have to be even closer for zombies to detect you. This also slightly reduces your walk speed. The only thing this Perk doesn't silence in your gunshots or you swinging a Melee weapon.

Recommended Uses

Ninja is the best perk for bandits and those who wish to remain hidden.


The Ninja Perk appearance is a Ninja with a Katana, going to slash the air. The background is a dark yellow/light orange color.

In-Game Description

You're trained in the art of stealth! You make zero noise when walking and jumping, and you must be closer for zombies to detect you.


  • The Ninja Perk is one of the most used Perks in Apocalypse Rising.
  • Sometimes, the Ninja Perk breaks and you can hear yourself walking and jumping. Gusmanak has not patched this yet. Other players however can't hear it.