The Naked Camo (Color/Color clothing) is an exploited item in Apocalypse Rising left over from rampant hacking and glitching. Although glitched, it is considered to be a civilian item. This is extremely rare as most of the time now it is glitched.


The camo is actually unobtainable in the game and only appeared due to glitches in the clothing randomization feature. It initially appeared when the game had been unable to choose a color for civilian clothing, giving it "Color/Color" descriptions and the transparency glitch, making your skin appear instead of clothing.

Although it is said to make you "naked," it simply removes the clothing decals on your body, leaving your vest and bag (if you have one) totally visible, as well as your face and hair.

The two ways to obtain this camo are from failed exploiting experiments, and from killing a player with it in their inventory.


The Flashing Zombie

A rare occurrence when a zombie appears without any clothes on, it has brown skin and random hair. That's because of an error in the script of the clothing, but it has already been "patched" by Gusmanak. Reason was, that 0.01% (or more) of zombies spawning + clothing-scripts was empty. It isn't connected on this clothing glitch, because Zombies uses different kind of clothes than living people do. They were a strange phenomena when encountered before being documented.


  • Like most civilian clothing, it is tan and regular sized, meaning you might not find it at first glance.
  • It's not actually camouflage and would be terrible for blending in to the environment.