Model 625 Revolver


6 bodyshots, 5 headshots

Magazine Size 6

.45 ACP

Effective Range




Firing Modes


Reload Time

4 seconds



Gun Rarity


Ammo Rarity


Spawn Locations

Civilian Spawns


Barrel: No

Underbarrel: No

Sights: No


The Model 625 Revolver is a civilian grade sidearm that is found in Apocalypse Rising.


The Model 625 Revolver was designed by the Smith & Wesson company in 1988. The sidearm was initially designed for recreational use for competitions such as the IPSC (International Practical Shooting Confederation). Over the years, the revolver proved to be more than a recreational firearm, users began using it for home protection and as a PDW, which resulted in very impressive aftermaths. Only 2 variants exist, that is the 625 Mountain Gun Round Butt and Square Butt.


The Model 625 Revolver fires .45 ACP rounds that are held in 6 round boxes, the weapon is commonly found around the map along with its ammunition boxes, usually in large numbers. The sidearm operates on a double action mechanism and requires the use of moon clips. The 625 has a barrel length of 4 inches and rounds fired reach muzzle velocity to 240 m/s. The rate of fire on the revolver cannot be measured in speed since it is a single fire shot due to the featured cylinder extractor. Unfortunately, the 625 cannot be modified with any attachments, giving it a dull performance at times. The weapon is loud due to firing powerful .45 ACP rounds each containing large amounts of smokeless gunpowder, so the weapon is not recommended to be used as a stealth weapon in urban areas. The 625 delivers moderate recoil, making it somewhat difficult to control, but it is still an excellent sidearm is terms of firepower. Great weapon for beginners, but it won't last long for sure.


  • It is said that the .45 ACP bullet can stop a man of 200 pounds running at you with adrenaline everywhere in the body with one shot anywhere to the torso. It's not something to test in real life. Although, it's certainly why the United States Army liked that caliber so much.
  • There is ALWAYS an exception, here's one: A revolver with a magazine. If you make a little bit of researches, you'll find about a revolver called the Model 1500, who wasn't produced in mass numbers, in fact, it's one of the rarest guns. It is told that it was holding ammo in a triangle casing, still firing a circle-shaped projectile. The gun was limited to .38 special (a 9mm variant) and a .22 caliber variant. However, it could hold a lot more than six rounds. The gun was fed just like any other magazine fed pistol, when a bullet would reach the barrel, it would act like a Gatling gun. A bullet would be fed in the revolver barrel, when it was loaded. Then, making an action would allow that bullet to go in the gun's barrel, also loading another one in the revolver's barrel. When it would fire, the spent case would remain in its compartment until the revolver's barrel would spin, then ejecting the used casing, loading another round in the gun's barrel and loading another fresh round in the revolver's barrel. And so on and on, until the magazine would run out of ammo. Technically, there would be always a room for a bullet to be loaded in the revolver's barrel, since each actions would spin it. So, now, do you think that it's impossible to have a revolver with upgraded capacity? Any weapon with a magazine could technically be able to be upgraded in terms of capacity.
  • Revolvers has been invented by Samuel Colt. He got his idea to invent the revolver by looking at the wheel of a ship spinning, the one that a captain would use to control his ship.

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